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What I'm Reading

Mall at University of Maryland

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, so I figured I’d have another go. 15 Lessons from 15 Years of Blogging Anil Dash, one of my favorite bloggers and all-around brilliant Internet statesman on the practicalities of blogging he’s learned over the years. Taken The insidious, and largely unknown, policy of civil forfeiture allows police departments to strip people of their property without due process. The Truth We Won’t Admit: Drinking Is Healthy

The Best Reads of 2013

Best reads of 2013

This year I started a recurring segment on my blog, to catalog my favorite articles from around the web. I've decided to borrow a page from @om's book and start doing "What I'm Reading" posts on my blog. — Christiaan Conover (@cconover) June 24, 2013 It seems fitting, then, that I look back on the year and pick out the highlights of what I read. Since this is a yearly summary I’ve got more than my usual 3 or 4 links to share, so I’ve broken them down by category.

What I'm Reading

Street car on Market Street

All is Fair in Love and Twitter The origins of Twitter are steeped in drama, betrayal and intrigue. Why the Government Never Gets Tech Right HealthCare.gov is just one of a number of major government tech projects that have failed. Here’s why, and how it can be fixed. Why didn’t the White House use WordPress? Five of the 14 states running their own exchanges use WordPress, with much greater success than HealthCare.

What I'm Reading

Big Sur bridge

Everything you need to know about how a government shutdown works With mere hours until the deadline for a government funding bill, here’s a crash course in what will happen if an agreement can’t be reached. The “Breaking Bad” School Breaking Bad, besides being phenomenal television, is also a great lesson in business. What’s In A College Degree? Maybe Not As Much As You Think Online courses are changing the landscape of higher education, and employers are starting to follow the trend.

What I'm Reading

Big ol' roadboat

Will It Fly? An in-depth look at the history of, and problems plaguing, the Joint Strike Fighter. Freelancers: Work for free Ok, not all the time or you’d be broke, but Dann Petty explains why some of his most rewarding jobs were ones he did for free. The 20 Smartest Things Jeff Bezos Has Ever Said There’s a reason Amazon.com is so wildly successful. Why It’s Time to Ditch Your Office

What I'm Reading


Apple’s Fingerprint ID May Mean You Can’t ‘Take the Fifth’ A shield law for journalists might seem like a good idea, but it isn’t – it’s actually a terrible idea The Secret War Why Generation Y Yuppies Are Unhappy What Medium Is

What I'm Reading

College Park creek by Andy Feliciotti

The Bitcoin of governance could be coming soon Edward Snowden’s Real Impact Will Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley Finally Get it Right? The Best Hangover Cure Climate Name Change

What I'm Reading

Lightning over the cliffs

How to build your personal brand: The next step to anything The Digital Divide Is Still Leaving Americans Behind Censorship Doesn’t Just Stifle Speech – It Can Spread Disease Drawing Down: How To Roll Back Police Militarization In America Cracking suicide: hackers try to engineer a cure for depression

What I'm Reading

Sunset on the Chesapeake

Whistleblowing Is the New Civil Disobedience: Why Edward Snowden Matters “The US government, far from deterring future whistleblowers, has just incentivized a new generation of them by acting like a megalomaniac.” Why Silicon Valley Should Save Drive-in Movies Drive-in theaters are the perfect alternative to indoor theaters for people who want the freedom to use their phone or other device while watching. Also, I’d love to see drive-in movies become popular again.

What I'm Reading

"Batman Running" by Trey Ratcliff

Great Place to Work: At Automattic Employees All Work From Home And Travel To Exotic Locations The company behind WordPress has a culture of decentralized employment, and it’s working well. Take note, other companies everywhere. Why I changed my mind on weed Dr. Sanjay Gupta of CNN is now in favor of medical marijuana. Bonus: his explanation is based in science, not rhetoric. A Brief History of Apple’s iWatch Yes, iWatch isn’t even real yet.