Hi! I’m Christiaan.

I’m a web developer and DevOps engineer living in Maryland. I write code, blog, and tinker with cars.

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Protecting Sites When Using CloudFlare's CNAME Setup

How to ensure you're not leaving any gaps in security when using a partial CloudFlare implementation.

Tug offroading

Tug, the FJ Cruiser: My Latest Vehicle

Meet Tug, my newest vehicle! Tug is a 2010 Toyota FJ Cruiser. It’s a bit of a departure from all of my previous cars, but I absolutely love it. This post is actually many months late, since I bought Tug in June 2016. I’ve liked the FJ Cruiser from the first time I saw and sat in one at an auto show in early 2008. Not thinking of myself as much of a truck guy, and being all in on BMW, I’d never given any serious thought to owning one until the spring and summer of 2016.

Setting up an Ubiquiti EdgeRouter to use CloudFlare for Dynamic DNS

It's easier than you might think to use CloudFlare as your dynamic DNS provider. Let's set it up!

Learning Go as a PHP Developer: The Journey Begins

Why Go is an appealing language for the PHP developer that yearns for something more.

Charge ahead

WordPress Needs to Take PHP Upgrades Seriously

The time is long past due for WordPress to move up its minimum PHP requirement.

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