Sunset on the Chesapeake

What I'm Reading

Whistleblowing Is the New Civil Disobedience: Why Edward Snowden Matters
“The US government, far from deterring future whistleblowers, has just incentivized a new generation of them by acting like a megalomaniac.”

Why Silicon Valley Should Save Drive-in Movies
Drive-in theaters are the perfect alternative to indoor theaters for people who want the freedom to use their phone or other device while watching. Also, I’d love to see drive-in movies become popular again.

Android is Better
Long-time Apple and iOS proponent Paul Stamatiou explains the reasons he’s sticking with Android.

GigaOm founder and father of tech news blogging Om Malik was sworn in as an American citizen yesterday, and explains what that means to him. Congratulations Om!

A Day in the Life of the Ku Klux Klan, Uncensored
A photojournalistic peek into one of the most secretive and baffling organizations in the nation.

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