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Ultimate Blogger: I Wasn't Selected

So here we are at the conclusion of a months-long journey in pursuit of the Ultimate Blogger position, and despite lots of effort and tons of support, it didn’t work out. While I’m certainly disappointed (who wouldn’t be?) it’s not the end of the world, and I have other things to pursue and will continue building my own products and brands. I continue to be grateful to and flattered by the massive outpouring of support and voting during the course of the contest, and I hope that everyone who helped me try to achieve this goal understands how much I appreciate their efforts.

My Endras BMW Ultimate Blogger Video is Up!

Just moments ago I completed and uploaded my video for the Endras BMW Ultimate Blogger contest. I think it turned out very well, and is an accurate representation of who I am. Here are the key points for this round: The voting starts Monday, April 4 at 10:00AM Eastern Voting ends April 22 at 11:59PM Eastern You can vote for me once a day at the usual place, cconover.

Ultimate Blogger Stage Two: Video

Just mere minutes ago the voting for the first round has ended, and I wrapped up in 4th. Since the top 20 move on to Round 2, it’s a pretty excellent spot to be. Now comes the scramble: I have 48 hours from now to produce and post a video demonstrating why I’m the right man for the job. Once the video is posted I’ll need to get votes, just like we’ve been doing for the past few weeks, to get into the top 10 for round 2.

Last Day In This Round of Voting!

Today is the last day in this first round of voting for the Ultimate Blogger contest! It’s been many weeks since I first submitted my entry and started asking for your support in getting votes, and it’s been quite the journey. From ranking changes and rallies to a newspaper article, it’s been exciting to be part of it and now we’re almost there. But it’s not over yet! There’s another round of voting coming up, and everyone starts back at zero!

My Ultimate Blogger Entry in the Newspaper

As I mentioned last week, my Ultimate Blogger entry is getting some coverage in the local paper. The article got published today! You can see it online, or just read it here as I’ve included it below. Here’s the text of the article: Not every man remembers the first time he fell in love. Cape St. Claire resident Christiaan Conover, 22, does. His passion was roiled “the first time the thunderous shout and titillating lines of my neighbor’s Corvette called to me like Jessica Alba in a swimsuit.

Look for My Ultimate Blogger Info in the Paper

I did an interview this morning with a reporter from our local paper here in Annapolis about the Ultimate Blogger contest & my entry. She asked about how the contest works, why I’m competing, what makes me qualified and a whole bunch of other details. It’s expected to be published this coming Monday, and obviously I’ll be posting up the info as soon as it’s available. She also took some pictures of Natalia & I, so hopefully one of those will make it into the article as well!

An Update on the Ultimate Blogger Contest

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been an entrant in a competition called the Ultimate Blogger. When I submitted my entry & started promoting it, I figured I’d get a respectable number of votes, but it would be a ludicrous understatement to say that about what’s actually happened. Within a couple of days I’d managed to grab 2nd place and pass 1000 votes. At this point I’m a little more than 2 weeks in & have almost 4200 votes, putting me in 3rd out of nearly 500 entrants!

Vote For Me in the Ultimate Blogger Contest!

Ultimate blogger

I don’t typically like to do things like ask for votes or otherwise campaign for my own stuff on this site, but this one’s pretty big and I need your help. You see, Endras BMW in Toronto is running a contest to find a blogger to hire full time. In addition to the opportunity to try out a new & unique experience, the perks list is pretty significant. Plus, it’s great exposure & opportunity to make connections as I work to establish myself in this industry.