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Vote For Me in the Ultimate Blogger Contest!

Vote for me in the Ultimate Blogger contest for a chance to become a full-time automotive blogger in Toronto. The winner gets a one year contract, a $65k salary, a condo in downtown Toronto, a new BMW every 6 months & a ton of travel! You can vote for me once a day at http://cnvr.cc/ubcconover

I don’t typically like to do things like ask for votes or otherwise campaign for my own stuff on this site, but this one’s pretty big and I need your help. You see, Endras BMW in Toronto is running a contest to find a blogger to hire full time. In addition to the opportunity to try out a new & unique experience, the perks list is pretty significant. Plus, it’s great exposure & opportunity to make connections as I work to establish myself in this industry.

Folks who read my blog (which I assume is you, since you’r reading this) know that I’m skilled in writing, and readily interact with my readers. I’m sure it’s also very evident by now that I’m obsessed with cars & have an especially strong love for BMWs. I even do a show every week about them! That’s why when I came across this contest that Endras BMW is running, I realized this would be perfect for me.

As I mentioned, they’re looking for somebody to hire as a full time blogger for their dealership. The winner will be hired for a year, receive a $65,000 salary, a free condo in downtown Toronto, a new BMW every 6 months, and get sent to a bunch of events, drives, promos, etc. all over the place! Talk about a sweet perk package.

I’ve applied, and now I need votes to move forward in the competition. In order to move on to the next round, I need to be in the top 20 applicants. If you’d be so kind as to vote for me, I’d very much appreciate it. Who knows, I might just win! If so, party in Toronto at my place!

Voting lasts until April 1st for the first round, and you can vote once a day per device and/or IP address. So, if you have multiple computers, a smartphone, an iPad, your work computer, etc. feel free to vote on all of them! As the old saying goes, “vote early, vote often!”

Update: I’ve made it to Round 2, be sure to vote for my video!

Here’s the text of my submission:

This is the moment I’ve dreamed of all my life. Not just since the first time I sat behind the wheel and felt the unmistakable rush of forward movement, of limitless potential and raw power waiting for me. This is a passion that started the first time the thunderous shout & titillating lines of my neighbor’s Corvette called to me like Jessica Alba in a swimsuit; from the toy car that was my inseparable fixation for the first years of life. While other kids were playing cops and robbers, I was designing the world’s fastest, best handling and most innovative racecar out of Legos. This goes beyond a fascination with suspension and 1-2 shifts - for me, this is life itself.

All this flies through my mind as I ease the M3 into 1st, revving the engine and feeling the rhythmic pulsations of 414 thoroughbred German stallions whinnying with a sound like the Boston Pops. Time to focus as 3…2…1…I’m off! Fast through the revs and up through the gears, then back down as I slow for Turn 1, and as I come out the other side after the perfect apex, I realize: I was born for this.

Vote for me in the Ultimate Blogger contest!

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