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Case-of-the-Mondays Question: Engine Time

Case of the "Mondays"

For this week’s “Case-of-the-Mondays” question, we get a bit more technical. Last week was a simple question of what your favorite BMW vehicle is. This week I’d like to drill a bit deeper into the build of BMWs, and focus on engines. What do you think is the best production BMW engine of all time? This includes ///M engines and engines sourced from BMW by other manufacturers for use in production/road cars.

BMW Plans to Cease Production of M3

No more M3

BMW announced today that they’ll be cancelling their iconic high-performance vehicle, the M3. The company plans to end production of the car at the end of this year, and has no plans to restart production or roll out a new version. Citing declining sales and a poor economy with an unsure future, along with an increased focus by the general public on fuel efficiency and government regulation to enforce it, the company says it’s not financially feasible to continue developing & producing the sports saloon.

Alex Albrecht has a BMW M3

Alex Albrecht, cohost of the show Diggnation and a few other shows on Revision3, also happens to be a BMW guy. For a while he’s been leasing a 335i and has mentioned it a few times on Diggnation. Recently though, his lease came up and he opted to make the jump into ///M - and leased an M3 convertible! He talked about it on the most recent episode of Diggnation & even though he’s limited to 350bhp since he’s still in the break-in, he still says it’s absolutely “ah-mazing.

Hunt for a 1995 M3

Since my accident and subsequent totaling of my car, I’m looking to make an upgrade to replace it. I’m in the market for a 1995 BMW M3 5spd. My ideal color would be either Brilliantrot or Hellrot, followed by Cosmos black. I’ve found a few potential vehicles, but I’ll update here on how the search is going.