Alex Albrecht has a BMW M3

Alex Albrecht, cohost of the show Diggnation and a few other shows on Revision3, also happens to be a BMW guy. For a while he’s been leasing a 335i and has mentioned it a few times on Diggnation. Recently though, his lease came up and he opted to make the jump into ///M - and leased an M3 convertible! He talked about it on the most recent episode of Diggnation & even though he’s limited to 350bhp since he’s still in the break-in, he still says it’s absolutely “ah-mazing.” Glad to hear he realizes what a sick car he drives! Alex, welcome to the finest community of automobile owners on Earth. May I suggest joining the BMW Car Club of America, and hopping in on #BMWBunch from time to time?

In other news, Diggnation cohost and founder of Digg Kevin Rose wants to buy an Audi RS5 when they come to the U.S. Pretty sweet car, but I think we need to push for Diggnation to do a series of head-to-head tests when that happens. Not just drag racing, but corners too.

Anyway, that’s the celebrity news I have, congrats Alex!

Update: it seems that as I started writing this, Alex went in to get his M3’s 1200 mile break-in service done, and the horsepower limiter removed. We want to hear your thoughts on all 414bhp, Alex!

Alex Albrecht and his M3
Photo courtesy of Alex Albrecht via YFrog

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