Setting Up a Custom PHP.INI File on GoDaddy Hosting

I am no longer using GoDaddy hosting and as such have not maintained this file to account for changes to GoDaddy’s hosting platform. I’ve taken the file down, to avoid any errors resulting from using an out-of-date configuration. I’ve gotten a number of e-mails in response to a comment I made on a post about installing Wordpress on GoDaddy hosting. Given the response I’ve gotten, I thought it was a good idea to provide my PHP.

Flexible Upload: The Perfect Image Upload Plugin for WordPress

I take a lot of pictures, and I like to upload them to my blog. My camera takes large resolution photos though, so preparing the pictures for upload can be annoying. I used to open up each photo I wanted to upload individually in GIMP, resize it, and once all the pictures were resized I’d upload them one by one. I then decided I would go looking for a batch resizer, and found a very basic one that got the job done.

Twitter WordPress Plugins: Hit or Miss

A couple days ago I decided to get a Twitter account. It seemed like a cool idea, especially when I saw how Paul Stamatiou had integrated it into his Wordpress blog. Being able to have a real-time status update on my site sounded like a cool, more personal touch to stay connected with readers. I wanted to do it in a way similar to Paul’s site - one line that simply displayed the most recent tweet.

Managing Page Menus: Two Valuable WordPress Plugins

This post has been deprecated with features built into newer versions of Wordpress. I’m leaving this post up for legacy information purposes, but I recommend using the integrated Wordpress menu tools to achieve the outcome these plugins provided. One of the nicest aspects of Wordpress is its ability to be used as a complete web site management tool, rather than just a blog. Its ease of use makes it a great solution for people unfamiliar with web site management, and daunted by the complexity of larger content management systems.