wordpress plugins

New WordPress Plugin: Author Customization

I’ve released a new WordPress plugin, called Author Customization. This plugin gives you much greater flexibility in managing post authors on your WordPress site. Rather than having to rely entirely on the one-size-fits-all user management system, you can customize author names and bio entries on a per-post basis. You’ll also be able to enable a WYSIWYG editor for biographical info (the same editor used by WordPress for editing posts), to have richer formatting of author bio entries.

My First WordPress Plugin: Relogo

Today I released my first WordPress plugin, called Relogo. It’s a simple plugin that lets you easily add support for rel="logo" to your WordPress site, in accordance with the spec published at relogo.org. The rel="logo" specification is a cool and simple way to make sure people always have the most up-to-date version of your logo without having to make any changes to their code. So check out my plugin, and install it on your site!

Five WordPress Plugins to Make Your Blogging Year Better

As an avid WordPress user, I have come to rely heavily on some of my plugins. Occasionally I’ll browse the WordPress.org plugins section looking for cool ones to try, but usually I stumble across them trying to solve a problem or make my life easier. I’ve come up with a list of the ones that I find the most useful, or that are cool and worth having anyway. Google Analytics: This plugin is crucial to me, perhaps above any of the others I use.

Flexible Upload: The Perfect Image Upload Plugin for WordPress

I take a lot of pictures, and I like to upload them to my blog. My camera takes large resolution photos though, so preparing the pictures for upload can be annoying. I used to open up each photo I wanted to upload individually in GIMP, resize it, and once all the pictures were resized I’d upload them one by one. I then decided I would go looking for a batch resizer, and found a very basic one that got the job done.

Managing Page Menus: Two Valuable WordPress Plugins

This post has been deprecated with features built into newer versions of Wordpress. I’m leaving this post up for legacy information purposes, but I recommend using the integrated Wordpress menu tools to achieve the outcome these plugins provided. One of the nicest aspects of Wordpress is its ability to be used as a complete web site management tool, rather than just a blog. Its ease of use makes it a great solution for people unfamiliar with web site management, and daunted by the complexity of larger content management systems.