wind turbine

Google Maps Updates MMA

On a whim, I happened to look up Mass Maritime on Google Maps tonight, and discovered that they have recently updated their imagery of this area. You can now see the addition built on top of the 1st and 2nd company dorms, as well as the 81kW solar array on top of the addition. The windmill is also clearly visible, along with the new turf field. Check out the new satellite imagery of Mass Maritime

Helicopter on the Parade Field at Mass Maritime!

Helicopter on the parade field

We had a helicopter land on the parade field today, and do some low altitude flying over the campus. It was doing surveying and research for a new experimental low-power RADAR system to integrate with the wind turbine. The system is intended to automatically control the aviation indicator lights on the top of the windmill, so that they can be turned on and off depending on whether aircraft are in the area.