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Hopes for a non skim-milk marriage A gay woman in Tennessee explains what DOMA being struck down, and marriage in general, means to her. Gigabit Seattle priced at $80 per month, just over what Google Fiber costs I’m so happy to see others following Google’s lead to start bringing gigabit fiber to the masses. Now I’m just waiting for somebody to come give me a viable alternative to Crapcast. Messing with Texas

Watch Wendy Davis Filibuster the Texas Abortion Bill

Texas State Senator Wendy Davis is currently filibustering an abortion bill that, if passed, would effectively close every abortion clinic in the state. To defeat the bill she has to stay on her feet until midnight, at which point the 30 day special session ends. Senator Davis started speaking at 11:18am CDT and as I’m writing this at 9:44pm CDT she is still going strong. Update: the full video of the filibuster (many, many hours) is not available, so I’ve replaced that with a clip of one of the highlights.