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Good Morning from Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach sunrise

I’m in Virginia Beach this week for EAST: Joint Warfighting Conference 2013, which is being hosted by my office. My hotel is on the 7th floor of a beachfront hotel, so this was my view this morning when I woke up. I can live with this.

President Obama Comes to Annapolis

President Obama steps off Marine One at the Naval Academy

President Obama came to Annapolis today to meet with Democratic senators. He came on Marine One and landed at the Naval Academy, right outside my office. One of my coworkers had a DSLR with them and was able to get some good pictures of the President’s arrival. Marine One lands at the Naval Academy President Obama walks to his limousine from Marine One After he had finished his business, he came back to the Naval Academy, boarded Marine One, and headed back to Washington.

Social Engineering & Cyber Security: What Military Leaders Should Take from Kevin Mitnick's Presentation

Kevin Mitnick

Kevin Mitnick, the infamous hacker and social engineer turned security consultant, gave a presentation at this year’s History Conference at the Naval Academy today. He gave numerous examples of extracting information from people and companies by using their own trust and knowledge against them. His demonstrations likely startled many of the audience members with the range of methodologies and, more importantly, the success rate. Some may look at the seemingly endless list of ways attackers can obtain what they’re looking for and throw their hands up in despair.