Restored BMW 2000tii Touring

1972 BMW 2000tii Touring

This past Thursday I was at a social for the BMW Car Club of America National Capital Chapter. Now that the weather’s getting nicer the turnout is getting larger, the more exotic/classic Bimmers are showing up. This week was one I’d never seen before: a 1972 2000tii Touring. It was fully restored, complete with Colorado orange paint and is absolutely gorgeous. Done as a project by the owner to keep his mind off his son who was fighting in Iraq at the time, the car was completely overhauled to original quality.

The 5 Series Touring is Still Better than the GT

BMW 530d Touring

From the first announcement and unveiling of the 5 Series Gran Turismo, I haven’t liked it at all. It looks like a cross between a Porsche Panamera and an X6 - in a bad way. It takes the worst elements of a bunch of different cars, and blends them into one big rolling box of parts that look like they were put together as an afterthought. The front end takes cues from the F10 5 series with the large grills, and the sharknose-type front with aggressive look that would be ok - if it didn’t look pinched and strangely sloped in relation to the car as a whole.