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Underway for St. Thomas; Re-Cap of the Past Week

Underway for St. Thomas; Re-Cap of the Past Week As I mentioned in my last post, my e-mail hasn’’t been working for about a week, which is why I haven’t posted since we left Puerto Rico. As a result, I’m going to cover the events of the past week since leaving San Juan. We spent the better part of last Tuesday taking bunkers at the pier in San Juan harbor, which was a little frustrating since we were still tied up with the gangway out, but unable to get off the ship.

So Long, San Juan

Today was the last day in San Juan, PR for us. I went on the catamaran and snorkeling exursion arranged by the school today, which was wicked fun. It was a gorgeous day, with plenty of breeze and warm water. This evening we have an early curfew since we’ll be sailing tomorrow. Freshmen had to be back at 2100, sophomores at 2200, 1-bar seniors at 2300, and 2-bar & above at 2359.