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Hopes for a non skim-milk marriage A gay woman in Tennessee explains what DOMA being struck down, and marriage in general, means to her. Gigabit Seattle priced at $80 per month, just over what Google Fiber costs I’m so happy to see others following Google’s lead to start bringing gigabit fiber to the masses. Now I’m just waiting for somebody to come give me a viable alternative to Crapcast. Messing with Texas

My Favorite Marriage Equality "Red Equals" Picture Variations

Red equals

This week the U.S. Supreme Court is hearing a number of cases relating to same-sex marriage & marriage equality. To show support for those affected by the decisions on these cases, many people have been displaying an image of a red square with a pink ‘equals’ symbol in the center as their Facebook, Twitter, etc. profile picture. This being the Internet, a number of riffs off the original image have been created which run the gamut from jokes to social commentary.

Counter-Protest of Westboro Baptist Church in Annapolis [Photos & Video]


This morning the Westboro Baptist Church staged a protest outside the Anne Arundel County Courthouse in Annapolis, MD. They came because today was the first day same sex marriages were officially legal, and could be conducted at the courthouse. Citizens from all over the area came out to counter-protest, and show support for the couples exercising their newly granted right. Members of Westboro Baptist Church demonstrating outside Anne Arundel County Courthouse in Annapolis, MD.

Westboro Bapist Church Coming to Annapolis, Counter-Protest Organized

The Westboro Baptist Church has announced that they will be protesting in Annapolis on January 2, 2013 from 8-9am: The Westboro Baptist Church’s entry on their schedule for Annapolis on January 2, 2013. I have provided a screenshot instead of a link to their site as I’ve been informed that they get money from donors for every hit their site receives. Their protest is in response to the homosexual couples who will be at the court house to get married.