Playing with Snapseed's New "HDR Scape" Tool

Boat on a Travelift

Snapseed, a popular image manipulation tool for Android and iOS, has added a feature to turn any image into an HDR image. I did some tests, and here are my results. An HDR version of a photo I posted earlier in the year. Our house in Maine. Gisela and me at a photo shoot. Another one of Gisela at the photo shoot, this time with much heavier HDR filtering. Counter Protesters against the Westboro Baptist Church.

My First Time-Lapse

The camera in Android 4.0 introduced a very cool feature: time-lapse video. Despite how awesome I think it is, I’ve never actually used it - until today. I shot this video out of the 4th story window of a hotel near BWI airport. I think I’m going to love using time-lapse, so brace yourselves for a whole slew of these types of videos from me.

All The Pixels

Two monitors

I was given a 24” second monitor for my 21” iMac at work. That’s a total of 45 diagonal inches of screen.

I'm Dumping Flickr

I’ve been a Flickr user for a few years, but over the past year or so I’ve barely given it more than a glance. It’s not for the lack of a quality service - Flickr works very well for posting pictures online and allowing other people to see them and comment. It’s due to Flickr not meeting my needs or wants for photo sharing anymore, through a lack of some features, the level of photography that it seems to draw, and the lack of my community of people with whom I engage.

Lunar Eclipse 2010 [Photos]

Last night (I guess I should say early this morning) a full lunar eclipse took place. I stayed up to watch most of it, and took a lot of photos & video. Here are some of the better photos that came out of it.

Featured Maritime Photographer: OneEighteen

Ebb Tide

I’ve recently been spending a lot of time surfing and exploring on Flickr. I’ve been uploading my photo archives to Flickr, so while they’ve been sending I’ve been checking out other photos on the site. Through some natural stumbling, and some guidance from other bloggers, I discovered OneEighteen. His real name is Louis Vest, and he’s a ship pilot in Houston, Texas. He has a large array of absolutely amazing maritime photographs, covering ships of all shapes and sizes in various lighting and weather conditions.

Photo of the Week

T.S. Enterprise in the fog

I’m going to start a new segment called Photo of the Week. Every Friday, I’m going to post a photograph of something MMA-related that either I or another cadet has taken. If you have a photo you’ve taken of something at or relating to MMA that you’d like me to post, please e-mail me to let me know.