panama canal

T.S. Enterprise Transiting the Panama Canal

I found this video, I’m guessing put together by a parent, of the Enterprise going through the Miraflores locks in the Panama Canal on our return trip. I’m pretty sure that I have photographs looking right back at that camera. I’m really glad that somebody recorded these shots, so thank you to whoever posted this!

Panama Canal Again; SeaWave Situation

It’’s about 1915 and we’’re currently in the Panama Canal, moored in the area between the Miraflores and San Miguel locks. We went through the Miraflores locks around 1100 this morning, and fixed mooring lines around 1230, where we’’ve been since. We should be getting under way again very soon (within the next 30-60 minutes) on our way back to the Atlantic. We’’ve been watching Panamax ships going through the canal all day, from container ships to oil tankers.

This Is AMAZING!!!!!

It’s about 2315 as I’m writing this, and we’re currently passing through the part of the Panama Canal known as “The Cut” - the man-made portion after the Gatun Lake. We finished going through the Gatun locks around 2100 and have been steaming along ever since. We couldn’t have asked for better weather! The temperature and humidity are perfect, there isn’t a cloud in the sky so the stars are amazing and the moon is almost full, and there’s no wind.

Waiting Outside the Canal

We spent today anchored in the waiting area right outside the entrance to the canal. We’ve been in the company of about 30 ships of all shapes and sizes, from ROROs to small sailboats. I was mistaken in my post yesterday regarding the schedule for going through the canal. We are weighing anchor between 1630 and 1700. We are expected to get through the first three locks by about 1900. We should exit the canal into the Pacific around 0130 on Thursday, and be fully docked by about 0300.

Arrival at the Panama Canal

This afternoon we arrived at the Panama Canal. We have to wait until tomorrow night to go through, so we’re going to be hovering outside until then. We’re doing anchoring and turning drills right now, so even though we’ve arrived at our destination, the ship is still moving. Tomorrow maintenance should be easier since the ship won’t be rolling as much. I’m planning on being out on deck as much as possible while we’re going through the canal, so I can take it all in-and get tons of pictures!