new year

2014: The Year of Tangible Accomplishments

It’s a new year! Huzzah! Let’s celebrate new beginnings and look forward to the good times ahead! Yes, facetiousness abounds. In truth though, that’s what we’re all doing. Rather than fight it and scoff like I have in years past, I’m going to embrace it. 2013 was, despite my optimistic outlook, a fairly lackluster year. I pretty much maintained status quo, and didn’t make much forward progress. It was, by all accounts, a placeholder year.

Welcome to 2013

Here we are, starting another year. A moment when people typically contemplate and reminisce about the past 12 months, and ponder the upcoming 12 months. A time when resolutions to improve oneself are common, a few of which may actually happen. I’m optimistic about 2013. For me 2012 was a good year, with lots of positive change. I think 2013 will continue that trend. So here’s to a great 2012, and excitement for the coming year.