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AFC Championship 2012: Disappointing Outcome, Amazing Experience

Gillette Stadium

We’re home from Foxboro after a full weekend of football and partying. It was an excellent weekend, despite a disappointing loss for the Patriots. We got to Patriot Place around 1:30 on Sunday, and began our tailgating. We didn’t have much in the way of tailgate equipment beyond the beer we picked up, but were near some groups that had all sorts of stuff - including a TV running on a car battery that enabled us to watch the NFC Championship game.

View from the stands

View from the stands at Gillette Stadium

Mid field. Let’s go!

AFC Championship 2012: The Adventure Begins

I’m in Providence getting ready to head up to Gillette Stadium for the Patriots-Ravens showdown. By a stroke of luck I managed to get a ticket Friday and drove up with some friends Saturday afternoon. The trip is off to a good start already, including some night club adventures in Federal Hill and the craziest cab ride I’ve ever taken. As my friend Michael pointed out, Providence definitely has the worst drivers in America.