HBO Go: User Experience, You're Doing it Wrong

HBO Go on Android

I recently modified my Comcast subscription to add cable TV - almost entirely so I could get HBO. That of course means I have access to HBO Go, by far the most appealing addition as a result of the change. As soon as I was able, I signed into HBO Go on my phone and started watching The Newsroom (which I highly recommend, by the way). My excitement quickly waned the longer I dealt with HBO Go’s frustrating user experience.

Amazon Still Has a Long Way to Go to Beat Netflix

I’m a big fan of Amazon. I’m dependent on my Prime membership for everything from deodorant to Christmas gifts, and at $79 $99 a year it’s a bargain. I’ve been impressed with their Instant Video original content efforts, and their ability to get big names in television and movies to license programming to them. Despite that, they’re still a long way from convincing me to leave Netflix and go all in on Amazon.

Chromecast Unboxing


My Chromecast arrived yesterday! I was lucky enough to order it via Amazon Prime before they sold out, so I didn’t end up with a weeks-long wait. For those unfamiliar, Chromecast is a new device for televisions to stream content directly from the cloud, controlled by your phone, tablet or computer. It’s about the size of a USB thumb drive and plugs right into an HDMI port, allowing you to stream just about any content on the Internet, straight from the source.

Who Else is Bored by the Apple TV?

Apple TV

So, Apple had one of their now-famous events today. They unveiled a bunch of things, including a touch screen iPod Nano, a new iPod Touch with front-facing camera & FaceTime, and a new iPod Shuffle (which doesn’t really look any different from the old one). The thing that everyone was waiting for leading up to the event though, and the thing that’s gotten the most attention, is the new Apple TV.