memorial day

Shipping Up to Boston Island for the Weekend

Sheepscot River from Boston Island

It’s Memorial Day weekend, which means my family and I are headed to our summer place in Maine to open it for the season. It’s become an annual tradition, and for me it marks the start of summer. As I’ve done during all my past trips to the Island, I’ll post pictures while I’m there. Check out the Boston Island blog as well, as we’ll be posting stuff from our trip there too.

This is How You Cook Chickens

My friend has a big Memorial Day party every year. This is a recent addition.

New Tie-Off for the Boat

Boat on the tie-off

One of the projects I had on my list for this trip was to upgrade the tie-off for our boat. Since there are three houses that share one float, we need a method to keep them accessible but off the loading area. The tie-offs are simply lines with weights on the end strung out to a piling that a boat is clipped on to. I decided to change the way ours connects to the dock by splicing an eye in the line and installing galvanized hardware.

Townsend Gut and the Southport Swing Bridge

Southport swing bridge

We went in to town this afternoon for brunch. I snapped some photos of Townsend Gut, and the bridge that connects Southport to Boothbay.

And Still More Fog

Fog on Boston Island

The view out my window this morning when I woke up…of more fog. Not that it’s surprising or unexpected. We’re headed into town today for brunch and a local reggae cover band. Pictures and videos to come.

Fog at the Boatyard

Fog at the boatyard

After a couple of days of hard work we decided to come into the boatyard and get cleaned up. I snapped this while waiting for a shower to become available.

Our House on Boston Island

House on Boston Island

Since it’s sunny and pleasant today (albeit a bit foggy on the water) I figured it’d be a good time to post some pictures of the house. It’s actually a kit house, bought from the Sears catalog in the 1890s. It was brought out to the island unassembled by rowboat, and built on the site where it stands today. The island has no electricity or running water, but we have propane which is hauled from the mainland and a rain water collection system.

New Boat Engine!

Yamaha 75hp outboard

Behold: the brand new Yamaha 75hp 4-stroke! So excited to see what this baby’s got.

Pit Stop at L. L. Bean

Bean Boot

We decided to make a quick stop at the L. L. Bean Flagship Store in Freeport, ME. It’s always a good place to take an early morning stretch break. The fish tank is new since the last time I was here, and is wicked cool. There’s a bubble that lets you sit “inside” the tank!

Crossing Into Maine

Bridge into Maine

Last border left to cross. Next stop: Boston Island!