media temple Has Moved Into a New, Faster Home

You may have noticed when you came to this page that the site is loading a lot faster than it has in recent weeks. I’ve moved to a new server - one that’s all mine! Ok, so I don’t own the actual hardware, but I purchased a virtual server that gives me dedicated resources that I don’t have to share with anyone else. The result, combined with better software that takes advantage of the new server’s abilities, is a much faster and more reliable site.

I've Found My New Best Friend in Hosting, and Their Name is Media Temple

About 6 weeks ago I decided to try out (mt) Media Temple to host my sites. I’d heard good things about them from friends of mine & various web folks with high traffic sites, and decided it was worth a try. After years of hopping host to host, I’ve finally found a home to settle down & raise a web family. I’m using Media Temple’s (gs) Grid Service, which is their answer to shared hosting.