marching competition

Emory Rice Day

I know this post is really, really long overdue, but I got a Skribit request that I write it, so I thought it was about time I got around to doing it. I’ve mentioned Emory Rice day before, where I described the planned itinerary for the day and gave a brief description of what the day is. First off, the marching competition. First Company was, naturally, the first company to march.

This Week at Maritime: Upcoming Event Report

Usually I try to avoid writing these posts because I generally regard them as filler, but I thought it might be appropriate this week. We have some unique events going on over the next couple of days that I felt would be worthy of some introduction prior to my post-event write-ups that will follow (man, it’s just hyphen city back there, isn’t it?). Tomorrow is Emory Rice day, which is our annual field day at the end of the year.