Shipping Up to Boston Island for the Weekend

Sheepscot River from Boston Island

It’s Memorial Day weekend, which means my family and I are headed to our summer place in Maine to open it for the season. It’s become an annual tradition, and for me it marks the start of summer. As I’ve done during all my past trips to the Island, I’ll post pictures while I’m there. Check out the Boston Island blog as well, as we’ll be posting stuff from our trip there too.

First Trip to Boston Island in 2012

Our house on Boston Island

This weekend I’ll make my first trip of the season to Boston Island. It will mostly consist of cutting down trees and other maintenance, but any trip to the Island is well worth it. As I usually do, I’ll make an effort to post pictures and updates while I’m there. I’ll also be posting stuff via Twitter. I’ll also post some stuff on the island’s web site, so be sure to check that out as well.

Pit Stop at L. L. Bean

Bean Boot

We decided to make a quick stop at the L. L. Bean Flagship Store in Freeport, ME. It’s always a good place to take an early morning stretch break. The fish tank is new since the last time I was here, and is wicked cool. There’s a bubble that lets you sit “inside” the tank!

Boat Ride to Boston Island [Video]

I took this video right after I took these pictures, but haven’t been able to post it until now on account of a 10MB video limit on my phone when uploading over 3G instead of WiFi. Anyway, the video begins at the end of the mooring row at Boothbay Region Boatbard and ends at our dock on Boston Island. Pretty much perfect weather.

My Firefighting Training Saved Me, My Family & Our Property

Fire damage

As I mentioned the other day, and have been making subsequent posts about, my family & I are currently on vacation at our place in Maine. It’s been a great trip so far, and has been relaxing - for the most part. Yesterday evening we had some rain, which started out as a very pleasant experience given our large wraparound porch to enjoy the cool breeze & sound of the rain.

Summer Rain Storm on Boston Island

We’re having the beginnings of a large rain storm that’s on its way through tonight. Dinner is being made, the boat is tied up securely, everything is safe and the porch is cool & dry - the perfect way to enjoy summer rain. It’s getting harder as I write this, but still very pleasant. Enjoy the video, complete with thunder.

Last Night's Sunset

Sunset over the Sheepscot River

The sunset as seen from Cocktail Rock, the top of the island overlooking the Sheepscot River.

Outdoor Shower Time

Outdoor shower on Boston Island

Our shower rig out on the island. Water is in a shower bag we put out in the yard to heat in the sun all day, and holds 6 gallons.

My Maine Vacation

This week I’m on my annual Maine vacation. My family owns an island near Boothbay (disclaimer: we’re not rich by any means, my grandfather simply had the foresight in the 60s to recognize an amazing deal when he saw one, and we’ve inherited it) and the family is up here together through Sunday. We try to come at least once every year & this year I’ve decided to - shocked face - take some photos, videos, etc.

Boats on Mooring

Boats on mooring

I took some photos of boats on moorings as I was heading out to the island this evening.