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Case-of-the-Mondays Question: What's Your All-Time Favorite BMW?

Case of the "Mondays"

In the spirit of Monday-related BMW memes, I’m going to try out something new on my blog. Each Monday I’m going to post a question related to BMW, and everyone can leave their response in the comments. Questions will draw from literally any and every corner of the Bimmer map, so it should get interesting! This week’s question: What’s Your All-Time Favorite BMW? I understand that this question can (and probably should) be all but impossible to narrow down to one answer, but give it a shot.

Who Likes the 0 Series?

Now that we know a front-wheel drive BMW is all but official and we’ve seen a photo of what appears to be a concept, it’s time to put the cards on the table. The glaring issue for every BMW enthusiast is the fact that BMW doesn’t build front-wheel drive cars. They’re known for building well-balanced, powerful, well-handling rear-wheel drive cars. This is tantamount to heresy for many enthusiasts, and likely will keep many who are BMW fans from considering buying one.