election 2012

Let's Encourage Voter Turnout with a Tax Incentive

Last week I wrote a post about my issue with the notion that there’s no point in voting because votes don’t count. The right to vote as a citizen of the United States is one of the most incredible aspects of our system of government. Not only do we get to have a voice in our governance, but the collective decisions made by the People with said voice is acted upon, without prejudice, by our elected officials.

Voting Today is For More Than Just the President

I doubt anyone thinks that this is a throwaway election with nothing at stake. No matter where you fall on the political spectrum, the stakes are high and the arguments heated. Yet as with every election, there’s a segment of the electorate who isn’t going to vote, for a variety of reasons. What seems - especially recently - to be the most cited reason is that individual votes don’t matter (unless you’re in a swing state, perhaps).