Dorm Life

I’d imagine that one of the big questions that most prospective cadets and parents have, such as this parent, is what life in the dorms is like. In general, it’s similar to that of most other colleges: there are two people to a room, we share the heads, and we’re always in each other’s business. However, we have unique aspects of dorm life, such as cleaning stations and inspections. Cleaning stations are only for freshmen, and are done in the morning at 0550 and at night at 1900.

Back to Business

Today everyone returns to school for the start of the spring semester. It’s moving-in day, and the roads on campus are lined on both sides with cars, and people unloading piles of bags and boxes. Even though we’ve been off for less than a week, moving back into the dorms makes it feel like forever. Tomorrow is the academic orientation day for spring semester. We have meetings throughout the day regarding both academic and regimental/campus life issues.