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Twelve Years in Annapolis

Maryland State House

Today marks the twelfth anniversary since my family and I moved to Annapolis. I was 12 years old when we moved here, which means that I’ve now lived here for half my life. Being a military brat it’s still hard to imagine that I’ve really lived in one place for that long. Staying in Annapolis was not originally part of my plan. When I was in high school my goal was to attend the Coast Guard Academy, commission as a Coast Guard officer and live anywhere & everywhere.

Off to Boot Camp!

I’m writing this at about 0130, mere hours before I will be hitting the road to go up to Boston and start my journey through boot camp and into the Coast Guard. I’m excited, and a little nervous, but I’m confident that I will be able to handle it. I may or may not be posting through snail mail, having my mom add my posts for me. I will, however, be posting via snail mail over at AN UNOFFICIAL COAST GUARD BLOG, as I am the newest writer for that blog.

Coast Guard Reserve: I'm Enlisting

As I’ve mentioned on here before, along with some of my readers, I’m planning on going into the Coast Guard. In fact, I’m making that happen very soon. I’ve been speaking with a Coast Guard recruiter, and last Thursday I went and met with him. We discussed options, available Reserve positions in the area, and my goals as a Reservist. I am very serious about doing it, so I scheduled an appointment to take the ASVAB and get a medical examination for this coming Thursday.