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Chrome OS & the Cr-48: A Follow-Up After Months of Use

Cr-48 booting up

For the past six months I’ve used the Cr-48 I got in December on a daily basis. As you may recall, the Cr-48 is a test computer Google created and sent to chosen applicants to field test their new Chrome OS. I received one, and I’ve used it all the time. Since Google just announced that Chromebooks will start being sold commercially on June 15, I thought it was time I talked about my experience using it.

Google Cr-48 Chrome OS Notebook: First Impressions


I got one! I wasn’t expecting it, but it came! Google’s Cr-48 notebook they’re shipping to selected applicants as a test platform for their new operating system, Chrome OS, is now in my possession - and it’s awesome. Soft touch everything, matte black, matte screen, nice keyboard, webcam & microphone, SD card slot, USB port, and a host of other cool features optimized for a browser-based OS that I’ll go into further down.