Photo of the Week #2

"Pirate ship" in Aruba

This week’s Photo of the Week is out of my archives from Sea Term 2008. I took this photo while on board a similar vessel doing snorkel tours of various points of interest, including a sunken German freighter.

Last Day in Aruba, One Week to Go!

Lighthouse in Aruba

It’s our last night in Aruba, and it’s been an awesome port! Yesterday we went on a sailing and snorkeling tour with 4/C Buckley’s and Hindemith’s parents, which was fantastic! We saw tons of fish and and other sea life, and even a WWII-era German freighter, though part of me thought it might be superstitiously wrong to check out a sunken ship as somebody living on one. We’ve spent a lot of time at the pristine white sand beaches here, and today my group got jet skis, which was wicked fun!

Hello from Aruba!

I’m sitting on top of One Hold on board the Enterprise looking out to sea as the sun sets over the water, enjoying the warm weather and the awesome breeze. The town is busy with tourists looking to have a good time on a Friday night, and the music from the clubs and restaurants downtown can be heard all the way back at the ship. Division 1 has watch today, so I’ve been on board doing maintenance.

Back at Sea, Two Days to Aruba

This morning we woke up to find the ship rolling and pitching again. We’ve been in seas similar to the ones we encountered off the coast of the Carolinas back in January, so a lot of people have been feeling a little sick. Today was the last day of non-license training for Division 1, so we were in the classrooms in the aft part of the ship all day. Naturally, it magnified the movement of the ship by quite a bit.