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Helicopter on the Parade Field at Mass Maritime!

Helicopter on the parade field

We had a helicopter land on the parade field today, and do some low altitude flying over the campus. It was doing surveying and research for a new experimental low-power RADAR system to integrate with the wind turbine. The system is intended to automatically control the aviation indicator lights on the top of the windmill, so that they can be turned on and off depending on whether aircraft are in the area.

Why I Host with Dreamhost

I switched hosting companies at the beginning of December, because I needed hosting with a little more power and flexibility than I had. I looked at some of the hosts listed on the Wordpress site, which all seemed like good options. Then a friend of mine recommended Dreamhost, so looked it up, and was impressed by just the numbers I saw: 500 GB disk space 5 TB bandwidth $5.95/month I looked a little deeper, and found all the standard stuff that the other big guys offer - unlimited email address, unlimited hosted domains, etc.

Solar Power System at Mass Maritime

Solar panels at Mass Maritime

The Mass Maritime Green Club took a tour today of the solar power system the school has installed. The system cost about $1 million to purchase and install, and will provide a peak of 81kW to the school. It should complement nicely the 660kW wind turbine that the school put up in 2006. One of the members of the club put some pictures of the solar installation online, which you can check out below.