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Formula 1 Austin Track Design Unveiled, Looks Pretty Good

The track design for the Formula 1 Austin Grand Prix has been unveiled, and it looks very promising. According to the American Statesman, the designer says it takes inspiration from some of the world’s best Grand Prix circuits and will offer good visibility for fans throughout the track, due to elevation changes & turn arrangements.

The track will be 3.4 miles long, consisting of 20 turns and a total elevation change of 133 feet. It features a back straight that is ¾ of a mile long, where the designer expects the cars will be able to achieve a 200MPH top speed. The track is designed to create more exciting races by enabling more overtaking than usually takes place at other tracks in the Formula 1 schedule. He also predicts that cars will be able to achieve 180MPH as they pass the grandstand as they head for Turn 1, which due to its tight uphill direction & potential for overtaking could make it one of the track’s signature turns.

2012 is when the first U.S. Grand Prix is scheduled to occur. The track will be built on a 900 acre area south of Austin, and is expected to hold between 130,000 and 140,000 spectators.

So, who’s down for a meetup at the U.S. Grand Prix 2012?

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