photo of the week

Photo Of The Week #13

Queen Elizabeth 2

This week, the Queen Elizabeth 2 visited Southampton, England for the last time ever. The cruise liner is making its final voyage before coming to rest in Dubai, United Arab Emirates to live out the rest of her days as a floating hotel and museum. You may have heard in the news that she ran aground on her way into Southampton, but sustained no damage. She departed Southampton with fireworks and ceremony, a proper farewell for a ship of such notoriety.

Photo of the Week #12

T.S. Kenndey

I took this picture this morning from my room, which is why the picture quality leaves a little to be desired. However, I wanted to seize the opportunity to get the shot, since they’re keeping the new name covered up until the ship is christened as the USTS Kennedy. So, enjoy this “sneak preview” picture of Massachusetts Maritime Academy’s training ship with its new nametag. If you’re a little confused as to why there’s a new name on the bow, take a look at this post.

Photo of the Week #11

Sanko Blossom

This week’s Photo of the Week comes from Flickr user OneEighteen, a Houston ship pilot. The photo is of a tanker in the Houston ship channel, the Sanko Blossom. I thought it was a cool picture because of the sheer massive size of the ship, and the way that’s really emphasized by the angle from which the shot was taken. I haven’t gotten any new photos this year around campus. If you have any photos you’d like to submit for Photo of the Week, please e-mail me.

Photo of the Week #10

T.S. Enterprise at sunset

You probably thought I’d forgotten about the Photo of the Week this week, didn’t you? Not to worry, I had simply been outside enjoying the day and was waiting to post it when I thought other people would be back inside too. I know it’s a Friday evening in June, but there may be a few people reading it tonight, you never know. Anyway, this week’s picture is actually one I took last fall after being at the Academy for only a few weeks.

Photo of the Week #9

Sheepscot River

While it’s not a photograph taken on the MMA campus or of a ship, it still has relevance to maritime activities. My family has a summer place in Maine on the Sheepscot River, which is the body of water shown above at sunset. In addition to the river being a large lobstering area, it also happens to be one of the heaviest concentrations of lighthouses in the United States - 4 or 5 of which are all within a few miles of each other!

Photo of the Week #8

Jousting at Emory Rice Day

One of the activities they had at Emory Rice day was the jousting platform. My room mate (on the left) spent plenty of time on it, as he seemed to be the reigning champion. In this round, he was battling our platoon leader, which made it even more entertaining!

Photo of the Week #7

This week’s Photo of the Week comes from a training lab I had this week. Survival suits are an integral part of a survival plan after a maritime disaster. In conditions where an unprotected person might have mere minutes to survive, they can provide many hours of survival time, and even keep somebody alive indefinitely. Because they are so effective, we have extensive training in the proper donning and operating procedures associated with survival suits.

Photo of the Week #6

Crow's nest on the T.S. Enterprise

This week’s photo of the week is of our return to Buzzards Bay after Sea Term 2008. Some of the officers and 1/C cadets from the Deck department went up by the crow’s nest on the Enterprise to watch our transit through the Cape Cod Canal. I certainly hope that I get to do this my senior year!

Photo of the Week #5

Nobska Light

The Photo of the Week for this week was taken in Falmouth last Sunday. Nobska Light in the Fog: Lighthouses are a significant part of the maritime industry, as well as the Coast Guard. Since this one is so close to MMA, it seemed like a logical one to pick.

Photo of the Week #4

Coast Guard cutter

This week’s Photo of the Week is a picture that I actually took - gasp - this week! It’s a photograph of an 87’ Coast Guard cutter passing the Mass Maritime campus as it heads east through the Cape Cod Canal. Since I’m planning on going into the Coast Guard, I get pretty excited when I see Coast Guard vessels and aircraft around campus, and this was no exception.