Last Day In This Round of Voting!

Today is the last day in this first round of voting for the Ultimate Blogger contest! It’s been many weeks since I first submitted my entry and started asking for your support in getting votes, and it’s been quite the journey. From ranking changes and rallies to a newspaper article, it’s been exciting to be part of it and now we’re almost there. But it’s not over yet! There’s another round of voting coming up, and everyone starts back at zero!

My Ultimate Blogger Entry in the Newspaper

As I mentioned last week, my Ultimate Blogger entry is getting some coverage in the local paper. The article got published today! You can see it online, or just read it here as I’ve included it below. Here’s the text of the article: Not every man remembers the first time he fell in love. Cape St. Claire resident Christiaan Conover, 22, does. His passion was roiled “the first time the thunderous shout and titillating lines of my neighbor’s Corvette called to me like Jessica Alba in a swimsuit.

Hear a BMW M54 Like Never Before

Ok, the title may sound a little dramatic but I’d never heard one quite like this & I figured you guys haven’t either. Regardless, I rigged up some microphones on the rear of my car the other day to capture the sound of the car & exhaust at various speeds, gears & throttle positions. I’m planning to use this audio in an upcoming video, but I wanted to share some of the more interesting clips here.

Look for My Ultimate Blogger Info in the Paper

I did an interview this morning with a reporter from our local paper here in Annapolis about the Ultimate Blogger contest & my entry. She asked about how the contest works, why I’m competing, what makes me qualified and a whole bunch of other details. It’s expected to be published this coming Monday, and obviously I’ll be posting up the info as soon as it’s available. She also took some pictures of Natalia & I, so hopefully one of those will make it into the article as well!

An Update on the Ultimate Blogger Contest

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been an entrant in a competition called the Ultimate Blogger. When I submitted my entry & started promoting it, I figured I’d get a respectable number of votes, but it would be a ludicrous understatement to say that about what’s actually happened. Within a couple of days I’d managed to grab 2nd place and pass 1000 votes. At this point I’m a little more than 2 weeks in & have almost 4200 votes, putting me in 3rd out of nearly 500 entrants!

Vote For Me in the Ultimate Blogger Contest!

Ultimate blogger

I don’t typically like to do things like ask for votes or otherwise campaign for my own stuff on this site, but this one’s pretty big and I need your help. You see, Endras BMW in Toronto is running a contest to find a blogger to hire full time. In addition to the opportunity to try out a new & unique experience, the perks list is pretty significant. Plus, it’s great exposure & opportunity to make connections as I work to establish myself in this industry.

"Celebrate Your Car" Day: Calling all Z4 Drivers!

Since the Z series vehicles don’t follow the standard BMW naming convention, I had to come up with a way to accomodate them. So, since “Z” is the 26th letter of the alphabet they’ll be celebrated on the 26th day of their respective number month. So since today is the 26th day of the 4th month, we’re celebrating the Z4! Sounds a little complicated, I know, but it’s really pretty simple & makes sense when you think about it.

Restored 1956 BMW 502 Cabrio V8

1956 BMW 502 Cabrio V8

Last night’s BMWCCA National Capital Chapter social turned out another beautiful restoration: a 1956 BMW 502 Cabrio with a 2.6L V8. The owner actually has his own BMW shop and is very experienced so the end result is pretty much perfect. The 502 was first launched in 1954, and took the title of Germany’s first post-war V8 car. It achieved a top speed of 160km/h (about 100 mph) and was reported to be Germany’s fastest sedan in production.

The New 1M is BMW Doing it Right

BMW 1M prototype

BMWBlog posted today some spy photos of the upcoming BMW 1M in typical prototype camouflage. Even with the disguise the car looks good and evident of some ///M tuning. It’s also evidence of BMW acknowledging the enthusiast community and the complaints about cars getting too big. It’s an important piece in BMW moving into the future without neglecting the wants & needs of enthusiasts with a more nostalgic sense of the brand.

Restored BMW 2000tii Touring

1972 BMW 2000tii Touring

This past Thursday I was at a social for the BMW Car Club of America National Capital Chapter. Now that the weather’s getting nicer the turnout is getting larger, the more exotic/classic Bimmers are showing up. This week was one I’d never seen before: a 1972 2000tii Touring. It was fully restored, complete with Colorado orange paint and is absolutely gorgeous. Done as a project by the owner to keep his mind off his son who was fighting in Iraq at the time, the car was completely overhauled to original quality.