Today is "Celebrate My Car" Day!

So it took me until 11:30 this evening to notice that today’s date is the same as the model number of my car - 3/30 (“330”ci). So I’m declaring today “Celebrate My Car” day, and anyone else who has a 330 of any style for that matter. For anybody whose car model has a date that matches (for example, anyone with a 528i would be associated with May 28), I’ll make a celebratory post on that day.

My New Car


I picked up a new (to me) car on January 9th. I apologize about the posting delay, I kinda forgot to do it. Anyway, it’s a 2001 BMW 330ci, black with black leather interior, sport package, and generally excellent shape. I found it on the BMW CCA classifieds section, for an intriguingly low price. I emailed the seller asking for more information, and the reply was better than I could have ever hoped for.