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Sunset in College Park Rising Early: Why Successful People Do It & How You Can Too Stop Penalizing Boys for Not Being Able to Sit Still at School Why Healthy Eaters Fall for Fries Why Everyone Should Telecommute Progressive enhancement is still important

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Stained glass There are no journalists Jeff Jarvis argues that defining the term “journalist” creates boundaries that run counter to the purpose of journalism. The NSA vs. Democracy Intelligence services are by nature in conflict with the principles of democracy - transparency and accountability for and by the people. Ezra Klein makes a case similar to the one I made a few weeks ago, but with more charts and figures. Google+ Turns Two: Why I’m Becoming a Convert Read On →

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Plate of food The electrified brain: the power and promise of neural implants We really are getting to the point of building bionic humans. Brain implant technology is the most fascinating area of development in that space. The Criminal NSA Nearly all the coverage of PRISM and NSA’s surveillance is around Edward Snowden’s illegal actions. Let’s take a look at the illegalities of NSA’s oeprations. Put a Fork in It I don’t do this so I’ve never thought about it, but apparently a lot of Americans have a very inefficient and awkward way of using their fork & knife. Read On →

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Wendy Davis' Shoes Hopes for a non skim-milk marriage A gay woman in Tennessee explains what DOMA being struck down, and marriage in general, means to her. Gigabit Seattle priced at $80 per month, just over what Google Fiber costs I’m so happy to see others following Google’s lead to start bringing gigabit fiber to the masses. Now I’m just waiting for somebody to come give me a viable alternative to Crapcast. Messing with Texas Read On →

Watch Wendy Davis Filibuster the Texas Abortion Bill

Texas State Senator Wendy Davis is currently filibustering an abortion bill that, if passed, would effectively close every abortion clinic in the state. To defeat the bill she has to stay on her feet until midnight, at which point the 30 day special session ends. Senator Davis started speaking at 11:18am CDT and as I’m writing this at 9:44pm CDT she is still going strong. Update: the full video of the filibuster (many, many hours) is not available, so I’ve replaced that with a clip of one of the highlights. Read On →

We're Missing the Bigger Picture with Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden The reaction to Edward Snowden’s leaking of classified documents was exactly what everyone expected: the government went crazy and leveled accusations of treason and espionage (subsequently filing charges against him under the Espionage Act), the media had a field day scraping up details about Snowden and interviewing countless people about implications, ad nauseum. The public were naturally divided between those who agree with the government’s characterization of the man and his actions, and those who support what he did as patriotic exposure of government overreach. Read On →

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ANUSTRT Instagram Video and the Death of Fantasy Despite the claims made by Mark Zuckerberg and Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom, Instagram isn’t capturing the memories of your life - it’s a fantasy highlight reel. Demonizing Edward Snowden: Which Side Are You On? This author asserts that coverage of the Edward Snowden situation isn’t journalism but sensationalism and bandwagon jumping. Something tells me Jeff Jarvis would agree. This Virginia Driver Has The New Greatest License Plate Of All Time Read On →

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Phone NSA Concedes Hadoop Beats Its Pricey Alternatives The National Security Agency has acknowledged that Hadoop, the open source big-data analysis tool, is more powerful and higher performing than its commercial counterparts. The Poke Test, Using a Fork to Flip, and Other Steak-Cooking Myths Lifehacker tackles how to properly cook a steak, just in time for grilling season. Why Would Ecuador Want Edward Snowden? An explanation of possible reasons Ecuador is considering granting asylum to the former NSA contractor. Read On →

Shipping Up to Boston Island for the Weekend

Sheepscot River from Boston Island It’s Memorial Day weekend, which means my family and I are headed to our summer place in Maine to open it for the season. It’s become an annual tradition, and for me it marks the start of summer. As I’ve done during all my past trips to the Island, I’ll post pictures while I’m there. Check out the Boston Island blog as well, as we’ll be posting stuff from our trip there too. Read On →

Touring Naval Air Station Oceana

Nose of an F/A-18 “I won’t be offended if you turn away to watch the planes flying. I do it myself all the time,” NAS Oceana commanding officer CAPT Bob “Goose” Geis tells our group as he starts his brief on the facility’s history and operations. It’s an appropriate introduction to a meeting being held in the control tower conference room, a space seven stories above the tarmac with floor-to-ceiling glass on three sides, giving a 270 degree view of everything happening on the airfield. Read On →