Sea Term Blog

In January and February I will be shipping out on the T.S. Enterprise, Mass Maritime’s training ship, for Sea Term. Sea Term is Mass Maritime’s hands-on training period, where cadets gain practical experience in working and living on board a commercial ship. Depending on your major, you will do between one and three Sea Terms. For example, a Marine Transportation (deck license) major will do three Sea Terms, but an Emergency Management major will do only one. Continue reading »

Solar Power System at Mass Maritime

Solar panels at Mass Maritime The Mass Maritime Green Club took a tour today of the solar power system the school has installed. The system cost about $1 million to purchase and install, and will provide a peak of 81kW to the school. It should complement nicely the 660kW wind turbine that the school put up in 2006. One of the members of the club put some pictures of the solar installation online, which you can check out below. Continue reading »

Is Android a Significant Development, or Simply a Statement of Ideals?

In the past few days since the official Android announcement, the Internet has been exploding with speculation, debate, and excitement over the new OS’ potential, and its significance in the mobile phone industry. Most people seem to think that it looks cool, and it does: touch screens, 3G support, freedom to create and add whatever apps you want…what’s not to love? Plus, with the backing of more than 30 major technology and telecom companies, it’s sure to get good placement in the market. Continue reading »

YouTube Channel

I’ve created my official YouTube channel, for use in conjunction with my blog.

Skribit: The Next Level of User Interactivity in Blogging

Skribit is a new blog widget created by Startup Weekend Atlanta to allow readers to suggest topics to bloggers to write about. You simply place it on your site, and readers can post ideas for topics. It’s currently in closed beta (it was only created this weekend, brainstorm to product), but I’m anxious to be able to try it out. Skribit was officially launched this morning, and as stated in the FAQ section of their site, it’s still in “closed beta” so it’s unavailable to the general public. Continue reading »

Visit to New York City

I went to New York City this weekend, and took a lot of pictures and video while I was there. I’ve posted some of them below:

Flexible Upload: The Perfect Image Upload Plugin for WordPress

I take a lot of pictures, and I like to upload them to my blog. My camera takes large resolution photos though, so preparing the pictures for upload can be annoying. I used to open up each photo I wanted to upload individually in GIMP, resize it, and once all the pictures were resized I’d upload them one by one. I then decided I would go looking for a batch resizer, and found a very basic one that got the job done. Continue reading »

Hurricane Noel

Hurricane Noel (technically no longer a hurricane once it reached us) came through Cape Cod on Saturday, bringing winds in excess of 50 MPH, a couple of inches of rain, and 25-30 foot seas offshore. Mass Maritime had its fair share of issues as a result of the storm, including minor flooding and power outages. I took some pictures and videos during the storm, which I’ve posted below.

New Radio!

I just got a new radio, an Icom IC-T90A handheld. My first impressions are very good, although I need to replace the stock antenna since it doesn’t seem very powerful. I’m trying to hit repeaters near Buzzards Bay, MA but I’m not having any luck yet. If you’re in the area, I’m listening on the FARA 2 meter repeater most of the time.

Twitter WordPress Plugins: Hit or Miss

A couple days ago I decided to get a Twitter account. It seemed like a cool idea, especially when I saw how Paul Stamatiou had integrated it into his Wordpress blog. Being able to have a real-time status update on my site sounded like a cool, more personal touch to stay connected with readers. I wanted to do it in a way similar to Paul’s site - one line that simply displayed the most recent tweet. Continue reading »
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