Port Change in Costa Rica

This morning Captain Bushy notified us that we have changed the port we will be visiting in Costa Rica. We will now be at the port of Golfito, and will be at a dock instead of anchored off shore. This should make it much easier for us to go ashore and return to the ship. The schedule will remain the same, it will simply be a different location.

End of the Semester Means Fewer Posts

This coming week officially starts final exams here at Mass Maritime. However, many teachers have decided to either give their final exam early, to alleviate the stress of having all finals in one week, or to give the last test of the semester. As a result, the past two weeks have found me busy studying for tests and finishing projects. All this has resulted in a lack of updates to my blog, due to a lack of time both to find new topics to write about, and to actually write about them. Read On →

First Snow of the Season

MMA got its first snow of the season on Thursday, resulting in afternoon classes being cancelled. I took some pictures of the snow-covered campus, which I’ve posted below. The Regimental Staff, as snowmen

One Month To Go – Still A Lot Left To Do

Today is the one month mark from departing Buzzards Bay for Sea Term 2008. In fact, as you may or may not have noticed, I’ve added a countdown on the right side of the page until we are scheduled to cast off from the pier, and head out to sea. It’s incredible to think that in a mere 30 days, we’ll be standing on the decks of the T.S. Enterprise, leaving for a once in a lifetime journey through the Caribbean and the Pacific! Read On →

GMail and AIM Partner to Make One Sweet Instant Messaging System

Google announced yesterday that they have partnered with AOL to allow GMail users to sign in to their AIM accounts in the GMail Talk interface, and chat with them right from there. I decided to try it out, and I have to say, it’s wicked cool. Once you sign in to your GMail account, and are brought to your inbox, you simply go over to the Google Chat buddy list and click Options, then sign in to your AIM account. Read On →


This morning at 0400 we were woken up Orientation-style for the Viking Bath, a rite of passage for freshmen. Everyone gets into PT gear, and after doing about 30 minutes of intense warm-up in the passageways, we all run down to Cadet Beach and jump into Buttermilk Bay! This is considered a “Recognition” for being able to go on Sea Term, so now we’ve earned our spot on the ship. Read On →

Verizon's Open Network Has Promise, but Initially Doesn’t Seem to Change Much

Verizon’s recent announcement to open their network to all CDMA handsets, as well as applications, marks a major transition in the mindset of wireless carriers in the U.S. and presents a great opportunity for innovative development. With the option for consumers to use any handset they like with Verizon’s service, manufacturers and developers will have fewer hoops to jump through when it comes to bringing their product into the market mainstream. Read On →

The Wireless Spectrum Bid and Google – An Opportunity for Android's Full Potential?

Today Google officially announced that it will be bidding for wireless spectrum in an FCC auction in January. The 700 MHz spectrum is going to be up for auction, and if Google is able to snag a part of it, it could mean a truly open wireless network. It doesn’t seem to be any coincidence that this announcement comes right on the heels of Google’s Android announcement. With the development of a mobile OS created for open development and communication, the ability to back it with an open wireless network would be a huge boost for Android’s success, and make Google even more appealing as a wireless provider. Read On →

Sea Term Round Table

Today the freshmen had a meeting with Capt. Rozak, Capt. Bushy and the other staff and cadet officers involved with Sea Term. They addressed the key times we need to know, making sure we bring important documents like a passport and school ID, and the basic rules and regulations. The medical staff talked about how to handle medication and injuries at sea. We also got to talk about some of the details of the sweet trips and excursions we’ll be able to take while in port, such as white water rafting in Costa Rica and canopy tours of the rain forest. Read On →

Sea Term Blog

In January and February I will be shipping out on the T.S. Enterprise, Mass Maritime’s training ship, for Sea Term. Sea Term is Mass Maritime’s hands-on training period, where cadets gain practical experience in working and living on board a commercial ship. Depending on your major, you will do between one and three Sea Terms. For example, a Marine Transportation (deck license) major will do three Sea Terms, but an Emergency Management major will do only one. Read On →