SeaWave Shipboard E-mail System

I have set up my SeaWave e-mail account on board the Enterprise, and thought I would test it to make sure I was able to post blog entries with it. It also seemed like a logical time to post a few of the key points that we’ve been continuously reminded of over the past few weeks regarding e-mail. The e-mail system charges by how much data the e-mail account sends AND receives. Continue reading »

Coast Guard-Monitored Boat Drill

This morning at 0900 we had the official Coast Guard-inspected fire & emergency and abandon ship drills. It took about 90 minutes, and appeared to run smoothly, so we now have the official seal of approval to ship out! We have less than 24 hours until we depart, though you might not know it from the atmosphere on board. Everyone is continuing to go about business as usual, and I think it’s a testament to the planning and execution of pre-departure tasks that nobody seems to be feeling rushed or pressed for time. Continue reading »

Boat Drills and Lectures; Q & A

The past three days we’ve done emergency drills every day. We have practiced fire & emergency and abandon ship drills each day, usually taking a total of about one and a half to two hours. Tomorrow we’ll be doing the official drills required by the Coast Guard. The Coast Guard inspectors will be on board to ensure that we know exactly how to respond to the different emergency situations. Hopefully things go as well tomorrow as they did before the Orientation Mini Cruise, when the Coast Guard didn’t require us to do more than one of the drills since we executed the first one so perfectly. Continue reading »

First Day of Loading the Ship

Today we spent the day loading food onto the ship. We need to load enough food for 590 people for our entire time at sea, so needless to say it’s an immense and time-consuming task. I was told by a fellow cadet that we loaded 134 palettes of food just today. We will be continuing this task over the next couple of days. I discovered the benefit of having watch between 0000 and 0800. Continue reading »

Sea Term Day 1: Reporting In

My rack on the T.S. Enterprise Today has been a very busy day. The morning started at around 7:00 when people started arriving in Harrington Hall to put their bags down and check in. We had a meeting in Admirals’ Hall until about 10:00 reiterating the basic dos and don’ts of the ship. We then broke off into our divisions, and headed over to the ship with our bags. We unpacked throughout the course of the day between other activities, such as lunch, muster, and the evacuation drill we did this afternoon. Continue reading »

Five WordPress Plugins to Make Your Blogging Year Better

As an avid WordPress user, I have come to rely heavily on some of my plugins. Occasionally I’ll browse the plugins section looking for cool ones to try, but usually I stumble across them trying to solve a problem or make my life easier. I’ve come up with a list of the ones that I find the most useful, or that are cool and worth having anyway. Google Analytics: This plugin is crucial to me, perhaps above any of the others I use. Continue reading »

Setting Up a Custom PHP.INI File on GoDaddy Hosting

I am no longer using GoDaddy hosting and as such have not maintained this file to account for changes to GoDaddy’s hosting platform. I’ve taken the file down, to avoid any errors resulting from using an out-of-date configuration. I’ve gotten a number of e-mails in response to a comment I made on a post about installing Wordpress on GoDaddy hosting. Given the response I’ve gotten, I thought it was a good idea to provide my PHP. Continue reading »

Deluge: The BitTorrent Client I've Been Looking For

I’ve been using Azureus for years as my BitTorrent client, but I’ve been increasingly dissatisfied with its performance. I often had trouble getting downloads to start (even with no proxies or encryption enabled), and it was hogging system resources it didn’t deserve. It’s become more bloated with each new release, and it got to the point that I didn’t even want to use BitTorrent anymore because my client was frustrating me so much. Continue reading »

Why I Host with Dreamhost

I switched hosting companies at the beginning of December, because I needed hosting with a little more power and flexibility than I had. I looked at some of the hosts listed on the Wordpress site, which all seemed like good options. Then a friend of mine recommended Dreamhost, so looked it up, and was impressed by just the numbers I saw: 500 GB disk space 5 TB bandwidth $5.95/month I looked a little deeper, and found all the standard stuff that the other big guys offer - unlimited email address, unlimited hosted domains, etc. Continue reading »

Qik: The Coolest Video Service Since YouTube

I just discovered Qik, and it makes me want a phone with a data plan even more. Ever since I got a camera phone that could record video, I’ve wanted to find a way to have live video streams, or ultimately have video calling. Well, Qik has finally answered the call for live video streaming. Qik is a new service that allows you to stream live video from your phone to viewers around the world via the Internet. Continue reading »
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