Merchant Mariner Documentation (MMD) - Part 1

This year my classmates in license majors and I started the Merchant Mariner Documentation process. Merchant Mariner Documentation, or MMD, is the Coast Guard’s merchant marine identification and management system, keeping track of all registered merchant mariners in the United States. It is required to have MMD in order to ship on any commercial vessel in the U.S., so we start the process about 15 months prior to shipping commercially. Continue reading »

Chart Work - The Core of Learning For a Young Deckie

I received a suggestion last week (I know, I really need to post more often/faster) that I explain what chart work is. It took me a little bit to understand that this suggestion is valuable in a couple of ways. First off, I’m guessing that whoever suggested it is not the only reader of mine that doesn’t know what that term refers to, so it would behoove me to explain it. Continue reading »

My Name

I received a suggestion this week that I explain the basis/history of my name, and why it has an unusual spelling. The spelling of my name is Dutch, having two A’s at the end. When my parents were picking names, they considered naming me Christian, but decided it was too common (though I don’t even meet too many people with that spelling). My dad was reading a book one day which mentioned a Dutchman with the name Christiaan, and my parents decided it was unusual enough. Continue reading »

Life As a 3rd Class Cadet - Differences From Last Year

Holy smokes, he’s back! Yes, after being cut off from the real world for two months, I am finally finished with boot camp and starting my sophomore year at MMA. I’ve been back at Mass Maritime for two days now, having arrived at school yesterday morning. Already I’ve noticed differences in daily life between being a fourth class and being a third class. First off, the most obvious differences: We no longer have cleaning stations and study hours. Continue reading »

Off to Boot Camp!

I’m writing this at about 0130, mere hours before I will be hitting the road to go up to Boston and start my journey through boot camp and into the Coast Guard. I’m excited, and a little nervous, but I’m confident that I will be able to handle it. I may or may not be posting through snail mail, having my mom add my posts for me. I will, however, be posting via snail mail over at AN UNOFFICIAL COAST GUARD BLOG, as I am the newest writer for that blog. Continue reading »

Emory Rice Day

I know this post is really, really long overdue, but I got a Skribit request that I write it, so I thought it was about time I got around to doing it. I’ve mentioned Emory Rice day before, where I described the planned itinerary for the day and gave a brief description of what the day is. First off, the marching competition. First Company was, naturally, the first company to march. Continue reading »

Happy Father's Day

Dad and me at Five Islands Happy Father’s Day everyone! My dad is a remarkable man. He is the father of two, and a devoted husband. He is a retired Army officer of 23 years. His encouragement and guidance have helped me determine and soon achieve my goal of becoming a member of the United States Coast Guard, as well as most other achievements in my life. I am proud that he is my father, and can only hope to be as fine a man, officer, and citizen of this country and world as he is. Continue reading »

Photo of the Week #10

T.S. Enterprise at sunset You probably thought I’d forgotten about the Photo of the Week this week, didn’t you? Not to worry, I had simply been outside enjoying the day and was waiting to post it when I thought other people would be back inside too. I know it’s a Friday evening in June, but there may be a few people reading it tonight, you never know. Anyway, this week’s picture is actually one I took last fall after being at the Academy for only a few weeks. Continue reading »

I Don't Exist

After seeing a post on Peter Stinson’s blog Tidewater Musings, I thought I’d see if there were any other people in the U.S. with my name. As it turns out, not only are there no others with my name, I apparently don’t have it either!

Finals Breakfast at Midnight

Last night, the mess deck staff put on a Finals Breakfast from 2300 until 0100. I guess they figured that most people would be up that late studying, so they’d give us an opportunity to take a break and grab something to eat. It was pretty good: scrambled eggs, french toast sticks, bacon, sausage, tater tots, and the usual assortment of breakfast sandwiches and omelettes. There was a very good turnout; just guessing, I’d say that over half the corps of cadets showed up. Continue reading »
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