Classes This Year

I received a suggestion this week that I talk about how my classes are going so far this year. To be honest, classes are much tougher than they were last year. Now that I’m starting to get into the core material for my major, the learning curve is a little steeper. Rules of the Road […]

Drug Testing at MMA

I received a suggestion a few weeks ago to talk about drug testing. As most people involved with the Academy know, cadets are randomly drug tested to stay in compliance with Coast Guard licensing requirements. Testing has always been conducted regularly at the Academy, but this year it’s being done with greater frequency. Starting this […]

Presidential Politics at MMA

I received a suggestion a while ago (sorry for the delay to whoever left it) to talk about what opinions are being expressed about the presidential election. To be honest, I’ve been tiptoeing around the issue on my blog, since this is such a polarized election. However, since today is election day and what’s done […]

Photo of the Week #12

I took this picture this morning from my room, which is why the picture quality leaves a little to be desired. However, I wanted to seize the opportunity to get the shot, since they’re keeping the new name covered up until the ship is christened as the USTS Kennedy. So, enjoy this “sneak preview” picture […]

Google Maps Updates MMA

On a whim, I happened to look up Mass Maritime on Google Maps tonight, and discovered that they have recently updated their imagery of this area. You can now see the addition built on top of the 1st and 2nd company dorms, as well as the 81kW solar array on top of the addition. The […]

Training Ship Name Change

As I’m sure most people are now aware, the Academy trustees have voted to rename the training ship to the USTS Kennedy, in honor of Ted Kennedy’s service as a U.S. Senator for Massachusetts. I was asked last week via Skribit that I write about cadet reactions to the name change. There hasn’t been much […]

Photo of the Week #11

This week’s Photo of the Week comes from Flickr user OneEighteen, a Houston ship pilot. The photo is of a tanker in the Houston ship channel, the Sanko Blossom. I thought it was a cool picture because of the sheer massive size of the ship, and the way that’s really emphasized by the angle from […]

U.S. Coast Guard Recruit Training – A Developing Web Presence

As I’m sure regular readers know, I went to Coast Guard Basic Training this past summer, having enlisted in the U.S. Coast Guard Reserve. Since coming back to MMA, I’ve had quite a few of my shipmates ask me about it, some of whom are interested in doing it themselves. In my Internet travels, I […]

Merchant Mariner Documentation (MMD) – Part 1

This year my classmates in license majors and I started the Merchant Mariner Documentation process. Merchant Mariner Documentation, or MMD, is the Coast Guard’s merchant marine identification and management system, keeping track of all registered merchant mariners in the United States. It is required to have MMD in order to ship on any commercial vessel […]

Chart Work – The Core of Learning For a Young Deckie

I received a suggestion last week (I know, I really need to post more often/faster) that I explain what chart work is. It took me a little bit to understand that this suggestion is valuable in a couple of ways. First off, I’m guessing that whoever suggested it is not the only reader of mine […]