What I'm Reading

There are no journalists
Jeff Jarvis argues that defining the term "journalist" creates boundaries that run counter to the purpose of journalism.

The NSA vs. Democracy
Intelligence services are by nature in conflict with the principles of democracy - transparency and accountability for and by the people. Ezra Klein makes a case similar to the one I made a few weeks ago, but with more charts and figures.

Google+ Turns Two: Why I'm Becoming a Convert
Better sharing & posting tools and higher quality discussion. Maybe it's not such a ghost town.

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What I'm Reading

The electrified brain: the power and promise of neural implants
We really are getting to the point of building bionic humans. Brain implant technology is the most fascinating area of development in that space.

The Criminal NSA
Nearly all the coverage of PRISM and NSA's surveillance is around Edward Snowden's illegal actions. Let's take a look at the illegalities of NSA's oeprations.

Put a Fork in It
I don't do this so I've never thought about it, but apparently a lot of Americans have a very inefficient and awkward way of using their fork & knife.

Bitcoin: Are we looking at a revolution?
Bitcoin is far more than just a hobbyist way for anonymous transactions. It's a whole new infrastructure for digital payments that cuts out the middlemen.

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What I'm Reading

Hopes for a non skim-milk marriage
A gay woman in Tennessee explains what DOMA being struck down, and marriage in general, means to her.

Gigabit Seattle priced at $80 per month, just over what Google Fiber costs
I'm so happy to see others following Google's lead to start bringing gigabit fiber to the masses. Now I'm just waiting for somebody to come give me a viable alternative to Crapcast.

Messing with Texas
A blow-by-blow of Texas State Senator Wendy Davis' filibuster of SB5 (the abortion bill) and everything that happened around it. I watched it live from about 9pm on and it's still a riveting read.

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