Delicious Hot Roast Beef Sandwich from Pizza Boy

Roast beef sandwich My sister and I went up to Wareham, MA this afternoon to donate a carload of stuff from my grandfather’s house to Salvation Army as we help him clean stuff out. Realizing that one of my favorite food joints was right up the street, I decided that lunch was at Pizza Boy today. Take a look at this amazing hot roast beef sandwich.

Why the New YouTube Mobile Site is Better Than the Mobile Apps

A couple of weeks ago YouTube released their new mobile site, which added some really cool features. The most notable: watch videos directly from the mobile site in a device-native format, without the need for a dedicated app. Aside from this being really cool from a technical standpoint - as an indicator of the true potential for shifting from platform-specific apps to web apps that can run on any device - it’s important from a philosophical & content-centric standpoint. Continue reading »

Music Downloads Are Dead

iTunes in the trash …or at least they are for me. For the past two weeks I’ve been using Grooveshark exclusively for music. I initially learned of & heard good things about the service on an episode of This Week in Google and figured I’d give it a try. After all, it’s only $3 a month for unlimited streaming so what did I have to lose? Well, after using it for 14 days not only did I not lose anything, but I’m totally sold & hooked on streaming vs. Continue reading »

My Firefighting Training Saved Me, My Family & Our Property

Fire damage As I mentioned the other day, and have been making subsequent posts about, my family & I are currently on vacation at our place in Maine. It’s been a great trip so far, and has been relaxing - for the most part. Yesterday evening we had some rain, which started out as a very pleasant experience given our large wraparound porch to enjoy the cool breeze & sound of the rain. Continue reading »

Summer Rain Storm on Boston Island

We’re having the beginnings of a large rain storm that’s on its way through tonight. Dinner is being made, the boat is tied up securely, everything is safe and the porch is cool & dry - the perfect way to enjoy summer rain. It’s getting harder as I write this, but still very pleasant. Enjoy the video, complete with thunder.

Last Night's Sunset

Sunset over the Sheepscot River The sunset as seen from Cocktail Rock, the top of the island overlooking the Sheepscot River.

Outdoor Shower Time

Outdoor shower on Boston Island Our shower rig out on the island. Water is in a shower bag we put out in the yard to heat in the sun all day, and holds 6 gallons.

My Maine Vacation

This week I’m on my annual Maine vacation. My family owns an island near Boothbay (disclaimer: we’re not rich by any means, my grandfather simply had the foresight in the 60s to recognize an amazing deal when he saw one, and we’ve inherited it) and the family is up here together through Sunday. We try to come at least once every year & this year I’ve decided to - shocked face - take some photos, videos, etc. Continue reading »

Boats on Mooring

Boats on mooring I took some photos of boats on moorings as I was heading out to the island this evening.

Google Voice Goes Public - Right Before the New iPhone

Google has just announced that starting today, Google Voice will be open to the general public & will no longer require an invite. For those unfamiliar, Google Voice is a service from Google that gives you a phone number which you in turn can have forward to any combination of phones, use as a voicemail service that automatically transcribes them, and much more. I’ve been using Google Voice since I got my invite in June of last year & absolutely love it. Continue reading »
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