Formula 1 Austin Track Design Unveiled, Looks Pretty Good

F1 Austin track The track design for the Formula 1 Austin Grand Prix has been unveiled, and it looks very promising. According to the American Statesman, the designer says it takes inspiration from some of the world’s best Grand Prix circuits and will offer good visibility for fans throughout the track, due to elevation changes & turn arrangements. The track will be 3.4 miles long, consisting of 20 turns and a total elevation change of 133 feet. Read On →

Summer Evening by the Chesapeake

Chesapeake Bay Happy Friday everyone! I took these photos earlier in the week while I was out walking the dog, and I figured I’d post them up as a pleasant start to the weekend. Enjoy!

Net Neutrality Open Letter: A Follow-Up

Yesterday I received a reply to an email I’d sent to Sen. Ben Cardin that contained a link to my open letter on Net Neutrality. Here is what he said: Dear Christiaan: Thank you for contacting me in opposition to network neutrality. Due to the widespread growth of Internet broadband use, the issue that Congress needs to consider is whether legislation is needed to regulate access to broadband networks and services. Read On →

An Open Letter to Congress, the FCC and the White House on Net Neutrality & the Google-Verizon Deal

Mad as hell The Net Neutrality debate seems to have reached critical mass, and it’s making me angry. Google and Verizon have struck a deal to submit a proposal to lawmakers that, in short, would stand to kill the Internet as we know it. I’m not being dramatic or fear mongering, I’m stating the reality of the situation. The elements of this proposal are engineered to appear to protect users’ rights to open Internet, but in reality have major loopholes that seem to give them carte blanche to filter services at will on mobile networks & “new services” that show up. Read On →

This Girl Beats the JetBlue Flight Attendant

Jenny At this point, pretty much everyone’s heard about Steven Slater’s dramatic exit from his job this week. He’s quickly become something of a cultural icon, and his story is pretty hilarious & creative. This one is equally (perhaps even more) funny & creative. Her name was initially thought to be Jenny, but she was in fact revealed as an actress pulling a prank. The story was that she quit her job using a series of photos of herself holding up a whiteboard with an amusing string of statements & awesome facial expressions. Read On →

Happy 220th Birthday to the Coast Guard!

Coast Guard birthday Today marks the 220th anniversary of the United States Coast Guard. It was on this day in 1790 that Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton established the Revenue Cutter Service to intercept smugglers. Thus began the origins of the Coast Guard we know today, and the law enforcement mission of the U.S. Coast Guard. So to all members of the Coast Guard past & present, thank you for your service & continued dedication to the mission and values of the United States Coast Guard. Read On →

Beach Day in Falmouth

Falmouth beach My sister & I took some time to go to the beach this morning/afternoon. This was my view while laying on a towel overlooking the water toward Martha’s Vineyard, watching boats go by. Very pleasant.

OhLife: The Cool & Convenient Way to Keep a Journal (Really)

Let’s face it: journals aren’t really considered “cool” or are difficult to maintain. You have to make an effort to remember to update it every day, and if you forget then it can be overwhelming to catch up. However, it is nice to have a record of what you did written in your own words. Enter a new service that aims to make keeping a journal easier & more enjoyable. Read On →

Boat Ride to Boston Island [Video]

I took this video right after I took these pictures, but haven’t been able to post it until now on account of a 10MB video limit on my phone when uploading over 3G instead of WiFi. Anyway, the video begins at the end of the mooring row at Boothbay Region Boatbard and ends at our dock on Boston Island. Pretty much perfect weather.

Delicious Hot Roast Beef Sandwich from Pizza Boy

Roast beef sandwich My sister and I went up to Wareham, MA this afternoon to donate a carload of stuff from my grandfather’s house to Salvation Army as we help him clean stuff out. Realizing that one of my favorite food joints was right up the street, I decided that lunch was at Pizza Boy today. Take a look at this amazing hot roast beef sandwich.