Lunar Eclipse 2010 [Video]

{{< youtube TOhbAacmg60 >}} In addition to the photos of the lunar eclipse I posted earlier this week, I also took video of the event. It’s rather long, but it shows the eclipse from just as the moon is fully covered through to when it starts to reappear on the other side.

Lunar Eclipse 2010 [Photos]

Last night (I guess I should say early this morning) a full lunar eclipse took place. I stayed up to watch most of it, and took a lot of photos & video. Here are some of the better photos that came out of it.

Google Cr-48 Chrome OS Notebook: First Impressions

Cr-48 I got one! I wasn’t expecting it, but it came! Google’s Cr-48 notebook they’re shipping to selected applicants as a test platform for their new operating system, Chrome OS, is now in my possession - and it’s awesome. Soft touch everything, matte black, matte screen, nice keyboard, webcam & microphone, SD card slot, USB port, and a host of other cool features optimized for a browser-based OS that I’ll go into further down. Continue reading »

My First Question To Make It On To Security Now!

Recently on Security Now! they did an entire episode dedicated to embedded RFID tagging. I wrote an email in response to that episode with some thoughts about the security of RFID, and my email was selected for this past week’s Q&A episode!

My New Tumblr:

I’ve resurrected my use of Tumblr & will be using it from now on to post items of a more random & informal nature. I’m using it with a new domain: I’ll post things that I think are cool, weird, fascinating, exciting, or anything else I feel like sharing, as well as stuff I’m doing & have encountered. How is this different from the blog on this site? Think of it like the difference between writing a letter & sending a text. Continue reading »

Trying Out Blackbird Pie for WordPress

I recently learned of a clever plugin for WordPress that embeds tweets in an attractive, fully functional manner into a Wordpress post with just tweet URL. It’s called Blackbird Pie, and it appears to work really well. All you have to do is install the plugin & it adds a button in the native editor in WordPress. Click it, paste the URL to the tweet you want to include, and it does the rest. Continue reading »

Follow the San Francisco World Series Riots Live on the Internet

Isn’t technology great? The San Francisco Giants won the World Series tonight, sparking riots all over San Francisco. Obviously I’m nowhere near there, but because of the Internet I can see & hear all the excitement in real time. Here’s how you can too! Police Scanner Feed Listen to the live San Francisco Police Department scanner feed right here via UStream (audio feed provided by Soma FM) Download PLS file for use with your own media player. Continue reading »

BUMP: The Social Network for License Plates

Bump logo A new service has shown up online geared entirely towards license plates - or rather, the cars & drivers to whom they belong. The basic premise is that people ought to be able to connect with fellow drivers/human beings through something unique & universally understood: the license plate on our car. BUMP is trying to capitalize on the ubiquity of license plates & cell phones to create a social network & communication platform. Continue reading »

Review: LastPass Password Manager

LastPass About two months ago I started using a service called LastPass, based in large part on the review and recommendation of Steve Gibson on Security Now. He explained in-depth why LastPass is safe, effective and a much better solution than maintaining passwords yourself. Intrigued by this product that Steve seemed so enthusiastic about (and given that I trust Mr. Gibson’s opinions when it comes to computer security) I created an account & tried it out. Continue reading »

A Real Mini Cooper Diesel in the U.S.?

M/T DIESEL This was in the parking lot this morning as I was walking into work, and I couldn’t help but notice that one special word on the trunk lid: “DIESEL”. Is this really a MINI Cooper S convertible with a Diesel engine, here in the U.S.? The only Diesel MINI I know of that’s slated to come to the U.S. is the Countryman Diesel, which isn’t supposed to show up until early next year. Continue reading »
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