An Update on the Ultimate Blogger Contest

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been an entrant in a competition called the Ultimate Blogger. When I submitted my entry & started promoting it, I figured I’d get a respectable number of votes, but it would be a ludicrous understatement to say that about what’s actually happened. Within a couple of days I’d managed to grab 2nd place and pass 1000 votes. At this point I’m a little more than 2 weeks in & have almost 4200 votes, putting me in 3rd out of nearly 500 entrants! Continue reading »

3 Reasons You Should Be Using a Custom URL Shortener

URL shortener We’ve all seen them: links in somebody’s Facebook or Twitter post to something through,,, etc. These services are a great way to consolidate big, long, ugly links into something more manageable & space-saving. However, they’re also fairly anonymous. You’ve probably also seen short URLs that are associated with a certain brand or company, such as Amazon’s, The New York Times’, or even Christiaan Conover’s cnvr. Continue reading »

Vote For Me in the Ultimate Blogger Contest!

Ultimate blogger I don’t typically like to do things like ask for votes or otherwise campaign for my own stuff on this site, but this one’s pretty big and I need your help. You see, Endras BMW in Toronto is running a contest to find a blogger to hire full time. In addition to the opportunity to try out a new & unique experience, the perks list is pretty significant. Plus, it’s great exposure & opportunity to make connections as I work to establish myself in this industry. Continue reading »

Google Adds Two Factor Authentication for All Accounts, Which You Should Use

It must be security month here on my blog, since I’ve already written a couple of posts on that subject, with one or two more on the way. Regardless, I felt this was important enough to share with readers. Google announced yesterday that they’re enabling two part authentication on all Google accounts. Originally offered back in September 2010 to Google Apps customers, this security enhancement feature is now rolling out to users of standard Google/Gmail accounts. Continue reading »

Review: Yubikey Authentication Device

Yubikey As anyone who knows me well will tell you, I’m kind of a security geek. I’m fascinated by encryption, data protection, strong passwords, and generally locking things down just because I can. For a long time there was a challenge with some of my friends to see if any of them could get into my computer, or at the very least figure out one of the 4 passwords required to boot it up to a desktop. Continue reading »

Chrysler's Super Bowl Ad is the Best of the Game, and Goes So Far Beyond Chrysler & the 200

Eminem in the Chrysler Super Bowl ad Like 111 million other Americans, I watched the 45th Super Bowl, though my team unfortunately didn’t make it. Unlike a number of years past, I actually watched for the football, but of course I watched the ads as well. There were a number of funny, amusing, clever & cute ads, and even some that were downright bizarre or straight up hot. Some of the car commercials avoided the humor route and went straight to the point. Continue reading »

Protect Your Facebook Account from Hijacking

Facebook SSL I realize that this is actually kind of old news (a week or so), but I still felt it was important enough to share with my readers that may not be aware of this feature, and the reason for needing it. Facebook recently enabled the ability to use a persistent secure connection to their servers when accessing the Facebook site. What this means is that, once you turn it on in your account settings, all data sent between your computer and Facebook will be fully encrypted. Continue reading »

Unboxing: Zoom H4n Portable Recorder

Yesterday I received a new piece of equipment for doing shows & field recordings: the Zoom H4n. This is a portable stereo recorder which can support up to 4 channel simultaneous recording, using a combination of the built-in stereo condenser mics & the XLR & 1⁄4” combination inputs. This is just an unboxing video; the demo & review video will follow shortly after.

Watch Al Jazeera English Live on YouTube

Tahrir Square The news from Egypt is exciting & fascinating: the most populous country in the Middle East is working for democracy through peaceful protest & the call for Hosni Mubarak, dictator for 30 years, to step down & the entire government to be restructured. Mubarak’s regime has shut down the Internet in Egypt, and cell phone service has been interrupted on and off. Al Jazeera English has managed to continue coverage throughout the demonstrations, and is making their broadcast available online. Continue reading »

The Genetic Mutation Approach to Car Design

Genetic mutation car My friend sent me a link to a Flash-based scenario simulator that designs a “car” based on genetic mutation. If that sentence just made your head spin, allow me to explain. Using an algorithm and some graphics to show the results, the Flash application builds a car using a series of geometric shapes & a couple of wheels. The size and dimension of every piece can be altered by the algorithm. Continue reading »
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