My Ultimate Blogger Entry in the Newspaper

As I mentioned last week, my Ultimate Blogger entry is getting some coverage in the local paper. The article got published today! You can see it online, or just read it here as I’ve included it below. Here’s the text of the article: Not every man remembers the first time he fell in love. Cape St. Claire resident Christiaan Conover, 22, does. His passion was roiled “the first time the thunderous shout and titillating lines of my neighbor’s Corvette called to me like Jessica Alba in a swimsuit. Continue reading »

Hear a BMW M54 Like Never Before

Ok, the title may sound a little dramatic but I’d never heard one quite like this & I figured you guys haven’t either. Regardless, I rigged up some microphones on the rear of my car the other day to capture the sound of the car & exhaust at various speeds, gears & throttle positions. I’m planning to use this audio in an upcoming video, but I wanted to share some of the more interesting clips here. Continue reading »

Look for My Ultimate Blogger Info in the Paper

I did an interview this morning with a reporter from our local paper here in Annapolis about the Ultimate Blogger contest & my entry. She asked about how the contest works, why I’m competing, what makes me qualified and a whole bunch of other details. It’s expected to be published this coming Monday, and obviously I’ll be posting up the info as soon as it’s available. She also took some pictures of Natalia & I, so hopefully one of those will make it into the article as well! Continue reading »

I've Found My New Best Friend in Hosting, and Their Name is Media Temple

About 6 weeks ago I decided to try out (mt) Media Temple to host my sites. I’d heard good things about them from friends of mine & various web folks with high traffic sites, and decided it was worth a try. After years of hopping host to host, I’ve finally found a home to settle down & raise a web family. I’m using Media Temple’s (gs) Grid Service, which is their answer to shared hosting. Continue reading »

All Cr-48s Have Been Shipped

Cr-48 box There have been no definite numbers from Google regarding how many Cr-48s they planned to ship, or when the shipments would end. A tweet from Sundar Pichai a couple of days ago has cleared all of that up, and if you’ve yet to receive one of the test notebooks then you probably won’t like the news. {{< tweet 45181003521728512 >}} Still no word on exactly how many Cr-48s were shipped in total, but estimates are around 60,000. Continue reading »

Google Talk Notification Sound

I posted this on Android Forums a while back, and recently stumbled across it again so I thought I’d post it here. I wanted the notification sound for Google Talk on my Android phone for - surprise! - Google Talk messages. Unfortunately Google decided not to include it by default, so I managed to get it & post it online. I figured there are probably other people who want it as well, so I’ve decided to put it here as well. Continue reading »

Ecclestone is Determined to Destroy Formula 1 Credibility

Bernie Ecclestone proposed in an interview last week that Formula One should add “artificial rain” to Grand Prix races to make them more exciting. He claimed that this would encourage overtaking because it would force drivers to deviate from the standard fastest dry track line, and said that the most exciting racing takes place in the wet. Those assertions may be based in fact, but he’s out of his mind. Continue reading »

Hashbang is the New Flash

Hashbang I’ve been doing a bunch of reading lately on hashbangs and why they’re terrible. For those not familiar, a hashbang is the “#!” you may have seen in URLs on sites like Twitter or the Gawker blogs. It looks fairly innocuous, if a little ugly and code-y, but in reality it’s a mess. See, what these two little characters represent is the destruction and destandardization of how web addresses should work. Continue reading »

Gizmo5 is Shutting Down - C'mon, Really Google?

So I got an email today from the folks at Gizmo5, the SIP voice over IP service provider bought by Google back in November 2009. Here’s what it said: Hello, Gizmo5 is writing to let you know that we will no longer be providing service starting on April 3, 2011. A week from today, March 11, 2011, you will no longer be able to add credit to your account. Continue reading »

How To Change Your Wordpress Permalink Settings Without Breaking Anything

For years I’ve been using the same link structure on every Wordpress site I operate: I opted for this method because I liked that it gave time context to the content right inside the URL. Plus, my links looked fancier & more impressive! Recently I’ve decided I don’t like this so much anymore, mainly for one reason: it’s not easy to tell somebody a link like that in conversation. Continue reading »
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