THX "Deep Note" Sound Downloads

THX logo Let’s face it: who doesn’t think the THX sound at the beginning of movies (called “Deep Note”) is totally awesome? Being the audio geek that I am, I’ll sometimes skip back a few seconds on a DVD just to hear it a couple of times - yes, I’ll admit it. I was browsing around YouTube and found some HD copies of various THX intros, and got to thinking: wouldn’t it be cool if I could have these sounds on my phone to test my car stereo, or use when testing an audio system when I’m setting it up? Continue reading »

Counter Protest of Westboro Baptist Church at Meade High School

Counter protesters The Westboro Baptist Church picketed this morning at Meade High School. As I discussed in a post the other day, they based today’s demonstration on claims that the school has a large number of homosexual students. When they announced their intentions, a surge of counter protest movements fired up, and the result was impressive. We got there around 6:30am and already there was quite a crowd. The police closed off the road where the protest was being held, and kept the WBC & counter protesters on separate sides of the road. Continue reading »

I'll Be Counter-Protesting the Westboro Baptist Church on Thursday

The Westboro Baptist Church is going to be protesting at Meade High School on Thursday morning. In a press release they stated that they’re targeting Meade because of a large number of homosexual students. The school is part of the Anne Arundel County Public School system, though it primarily serves the military community of Fort Meade. I’ll be attending a counter-protest on Thursday morning in support of the students and tolerance. Continue reading »

My Newest Endeavour: News Correspondent for Motor News Weekly

As most readers are probably already aware I’ve been doing a weekly BMW program for almost a year now. What you may not realize is that we’re currently working out the details of a syndication deal with automotive radio legend Bob Long’s newest venture. As a result of this process I’ve gotten a fantastic opportunity. Starting this weekend, April 9-10, I’ll be a news correspondent on Bob’s show Motor News Weekly. Continue reading »

My Endras BMW Ultimate Blogger Video is Up!

Just moments ago I completed and uploaded my video for the Endras BMW Ultimate Blogger contest. I think it turned out very well, and is an accurate representation of who I am. Here are the key points for this round: The voting starts Monday, April 4 at 10:00AM Eastern Voting ends April 22 at 11:59PM Eastern You can vote for me once a day at the usual place, cconover. Continue reading »

Ultimate Blogger Stage Two: Video

Just mere minutes ago the voting for the first round has ended, and I wrapped up in 4th. Since the top 20 move on to Round 2, it’s a pretty excellent spot to be. Now comes the scramble: I have 48 hours from now to produce and post a video demonstrating why I’m the right man for the job. Once the video is posted I’ll need to get votes, just like we’ve been doing for the past few weeks, to get into the top 10 for round 2. Continue reading »

Last Day In This Round of Voting!

Today is the last day in this first round of voting for the Ultimate Blogger contest! It’s been many weeks since I first submitted my entry and started asking for your support in getting votes, and it’s been quite the journey. From ranking changes and rallies to a newspaper article, it’s been exciting to be part of it and now we’re almost there. But it’s not over yet! There’s another round of voting coming up, and everyone starts back at zero! Continue reading »

Looking For Some Comic Relief? Check Out @BronxZoosCobra

As you may or may not have heard, a cobra in the Reptile House at the Bronx Zoo escaped from its habitat over the weekend. The Bronx Zoo has taken precautions to avoid the possibility of visitors encountering the snake, and they believe it’s still in the Reptile House, so it’s not a huge deal. Still, there’s a lot of comedy to be found in the situation, and somebody has apparently taken to starting the latest Twitter sensation around it. Continue reading »

Ever Wondered How a Car's Differential Works? Here's Your Answer

Even for gearheads, some systems in a car are a little hard to wrap your head around. Things like the transmission & differential are good examples of this. My friend sent me a video today that does a great job of explaining the principles of a differential in a simple, easy to understand way. The best part: it’s from the 1930s, so it’s got that great old film feel to it. Continue reading »

Beer Picks: Yuengling Porter

6 pack of Yuengling Porter I’ve decided to start a new segment on my site. It’s called Beer Picks and the concept is simple: each week from time to time I’ll pick a beer that either I’ve had before and like, or one I’ve never had before but looks interesting, and feature it on the site. I’ll describe it as best I can, which will be pretty basic since I’m by no means a beer expert. Continue reading »
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