New Boat Engine!

Yamaha 75hp outboard Behold: the brand new Yamaha 75hp 4-stroke! So excited to see what this baby’s got.

Pit Stop at L. L. Bean

Bean Boot We decided to make a quick stop at the L. L. Bean Flagship Store in Freeport, ME. It’s always a good place to take an early morning stretch break. The fish tank is new since the last time I was here, and is wicked cool. There’s a bubble that lets you sit “inside” the tank!

Morning Fog in New Hampshire

Morning fog Fog hovers low over the land on a cool New England morning in May. As of the time of this picture, we’re about 3 hours from our boatyard.

Packing for Maine

Packing We’re headed to Maine this weekend to open up our summer place. We’ll be leaving within the hour and driving overnight. More pictures from the trip to come as we go.

Chrome OS & the Cr-48: A Follow-Up After Months of Use

Cr-48 booting up For the past six months I’ve used the Cr-48 I got in December on a daily basis. As you may recall, the Cr-48 is a test computer Google created and sent to chosen applicants to field test their new Chrome OS. I received one, and I’ve used it all the time. Since Google just announced that Chromebooks will start being sold commercially on June 15, I thought it was time I talked about my experience using it. Continue reading »

Blue Angels at the U.S. Naval Academy: I'll be Live Streaming [Updated]

Blue Angels flying in formation It’s that time of the year again: Blue Angels at the Naval Academy. Every year the team of stunt aviators comes to Annapolis during Commissioning Week. It’s a highlight of the season for Annapolitans, and massive crowds line the banks of the Severn River to watch the show. You may remember that I streamed the event last year. It went so well I decided to do it again this year too! Continue reading »

Ultimate Blogger: I Wasn't Selected

So here we are at the conclusion of a months-long journey in pursuit of the Ultimate Blogger position, and despite lots of effort and tons of support, it didn’t work out. While I’m certainly disappointed (who wouldn’t be?) it’s not the end of the world, and I have other things to pursue and will continue building my own products and brands. I continue to be grateful to and flattered by the massive outpouring of support and voting during the course of the contest, and I hope that everyone who helped me try to achieve this goal understands how much I appreciate their efforts. Continue reading »

Natalia Reaches a Milestone

200k miles Last night Natalia hit a major milestone: 200,000 miles! This makes the 3rd car I’ve had to hit this point. Not everyone is a fan of seeing these sorts of things on their cars, but I consider it a point of pride that my car has gone this far and is still running like a champ. Who else has had their car reach 200k miles (or even higher)?

LastPass May Have Been Breached, but Not Really - Regardless, Your Data is Safe

Lastpass, my favorite password management solution, noticed a “network traffic anomaly” on their servers yesterday which they couldn’t account for. They immediately notified users that they were investigating if any data was breached, and said this: Because we can’t account for this anomaly either, we’re going to be paranoid and assume the worst: that the data we stored in the database was somehow accessed. We know roughly the amount of data transferred and that it’s big enough to have transferred people’s email addresses, the server salt and their salted password hashes from the database. Continue reading »
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