My New Callsign: W3RTX

As of yesterday, I have a new callsign: W3RTX. My original callsign, KB3MMY, is no longer in use. You’ll notice that all amateur radio content on this site now falls under W3RTX. Why the change? Perhaps the biggest reason was that I just wanted a vanity callsign. It’s goofy, I know, but I thought it would be cool to pick my own callsign. I also wanted one that wouldn’t indicate when I got licensed, and that I’m relatively new to ham radio. Continue reading »

Unboxing: Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire My office ordered a Kindle Fire for me to use, and it just arrived! Being an Amazon product, it arrived in what they call “frustration-free packaging” with which I would agree. All I had to do was pull a rip tab to open the box, and there was my Kindle. Below the device itself was the charging cable, and inside the lid was a small card introducing the user to the Kindle Fire. Continue reading »


Just a quick post to note that at the exact moment this post is published it’s 11:11am on November 11, 2011. In other words, 11-11-11-11-11. Carry on.

LastPass Now Supports Google Authenticator

LastPass, my password manager of choice, has added support for Google Authenticator as a method of two-factor authentication. For those unfamiliar, Google added two factor authentication support earlier this year, a component of which is a mobile app that generates a random 6 digit string that refreshes every 30 seconds. The app is free, and you simply scan a QR code to configure it. While I use Google Authenticator with my Google accounts, I haven’t yet tried it with LastPass since I use a Yubikey. Continue reading »

Nationwide Emergency Alert System Test November 9th

EAS In case you haven’t heard yet, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) are conducting a nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System on November 9th, 2011. Why does this matter? It’s the first time it’s being done across the entire country, all at once, initiated by a federal agency. Up until now this system has been activated by local and state emergency management agencies, and if the federal government wanted to have a message disseminated it would have to request each state to activate it. Continue reading »

Google+ for Apps Accounts is Here!

It’s finally here! Google+ for Google Apps accounts is a reality! I’ve been a Google+ user since it first launched, and I really like it. The only issue I had with it was that I couldn’t use my Apps account (which is the only Google account I use on a regular basis), and had to use a standard Gmail account instead. Big bummer, and it ended up keeping me from being very active on the service. Continue reading »

2011 Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Cycle for Life

N3USP antenna mast This past Saturday I worked a public service event with my club, Anne Arundel Radio Club, in conjunction with Calvert Amateur Radio Association. The event was a Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Cycle for Life bike event, and this particular one in Calvert County was a first time event. We were first informed of the event about 2 weeks in advance, so we had very little time to go from nothing to up and running. Continue reading »

My 4th TwBirthday

I got a tweet this morning from a Twitter account I didn’t even know existed called TwBirthday. The service apparently tracks when you signed up for Twitter, and messages you on your Twitter “birthday” - kind of a neat idea. @cconover Happy 4th TwBirthday! You've been around since 21 October 2007! — TwBirthday (@TwBirthday) October 21, 2011 Does this give me free reign to be a precocious and finicky toddler on the Internet? Continue reading »

Maine for the Weekend

House on Boston Island My father and I are headed up to Maine this weekend to close up our summer house. October is a great time of year to be there, since the leaves are changing and the weather is cool, but not so cold that it isn’t fun. I’ll be posting pictures on this page while we’re there, so check back for that. 11 October 2011, 0950 EDT So obviously the live blogging thing from Maine didn’t work out so well. Continue reading »

LTE Tethering FTW

I recently rooted my HTC Thunderbolt and put Cyanogen Mod 7 on it, which includes tethering capability. This morning I connected my iMac at work to my phone, and ran a speed test. The results are impressive. Download: 15.48 Mb/s Upload: 4.86 Mb/s Ping: 104ms The test was run with the following signal status: So in case there was still any doubt, LTE is awesome.
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